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Unlike their Celtic brethren the distillers of Wales have not focussed on whisky over the years. However in 2004 Penderyn distillery released their first ever single malt whisky to change all of that.


They've proven to be a forward thinking and creative distillery with many interesting cask finished whiskies being released. They're light and pure single malt has now become popular all over the world.


One of the most interesting things about Penderyn is their unique Faraday still. Dr David Faraday, who is a descendent from the famous Victorian scientist Michael Faraday, has essentially combined the ideas behind a pot and continuous still into one piece of distilling equipment. This results in a spirit that has more flavour than something made in a Coffey still but has less impurities than would be found in spirit made in pot stills. This gives Penderyn its signature smooth style.


Interestingly Penderyn have really embraced the use of Madeira casks for maturing their whisky which is a practice used rarely elsewhere.


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