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Wild Island

Wild Island
Sacred Tree Gin 43.4% 70cl

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ProducerColonsay Beverages
Bottle Size70cl
Alc. Volume43.4%


A year after the very successful release of their first gin, Wild Island have created this fruity and spicy addition to their offerings. Sacred Tree is made by macerating 6 new hand-foraged fruity botanicals for up to a full day before 5-times distilling the 100% British wheat spirit. With this addition, the Sacred Tree uses 12 botanicals foraged from the Isle of Colonsay, on top of their 10 base botanicals. The new recipe, with these fruits and boosting the cinnamon and nutmeg levels in the mix, adds a depth of earthy winter spices, along with some delectable sweet fruit flavours.
Tasting Notes
Official Tasting Notes
Nose: A warmth from the earthy roots - Orris and Angelica - and sweet spice of nutmeg and cinnamon. The signature citrus fruit notes of Wild Island Gin are present, but there's something different at play.
Palate: The soft, smooth delivery associated with Wild Island Gin comes first, then the warm sweet spice while classic gin botanicals of Juniper, Coriander Seed and roots provide the backdrop. This is a hugely complex premium gin.
Finish: You are left, finally, with the mouth-filling character of ripe, sweet and juicy fruits. Refreshing and robust even at the bottling strength of 43.4%

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