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Vodka has been produced since the origins of the still in the 8th Century. It was initially a relatively low alcohol spirit that took the form of Breadwine or "Burned Wine".


Now, it has reached popularity as a clear, 40% ABV spirit, mostly made from grains or potatoes, and is regularly drunk neat and chilled as an aperitif in many northern and eastern European countries, nicknamed the 'Vodka Belt'.


In the modern day, vodka is made from a high strength distillation (around 96%) of sugars from grains, potatoes or sugar beet, which is then diluted with water to a minimum of 37.5% ABV in the EU, and 40% in the USA. Other sources of sugars can be used (such as left over grape musts from wine making in southern Europe), but these must be clearly stated for any vodka spirit sold in the EU.


Within the Vodka Belt, countries like Russia are renowned for their passion for this spirit, as it makes up almost 70% of their alcohol consumption. It has a long, and rather politically charged, relationship with that part of the world.


Neat vodka is a popular drink throughout the world, but it is also heavily used in mixers and cocktails because of its minimal flavour profile, allowing it to carry the flavours of other ingredients very well. There was a craze for flavoured vodkas throughout the nineties with lots of odd, confected flavourings. Thankfully that has subsided slightly, and the reputation of this ancient spirit can only be helped by this.



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Practically a cocktail in a bottle, Aivy is ready to drink neat, or is perfect topped up with some lemonade.
Beluga Noble, produced in Siberia using pure clean Siberian water. Perfect for the ultimate Russian themed Vodka and Caviar night.
For James Bond, the ultimate drink is a Martini shaken not stirred. Belvedere have launched a special edition bottling to mark the release of the new Bond film Spectre.
Belvedere Bloody Mary takes black pepper, horseradish, bell pepper, chilli pepper, vinegar distillate, tomato, lemon and mascerates them in Belvedere Rye vodka, to create a perfect bloody mary spirit ...
Ireland's first copper pot still produced vodka. It is distilled in small 300 litre batches before being diluted to 40% ABV by adding fresh water from Waterford.
This limited edition vodka was produced from distilled Chardonnay grape skins from the 2016 Chapel Down grape harvest
Chapel Down
Chase Potato Vodka, made using potatoes grown on the Chase Farm. Previously the creators of a famous crisp brand, they have now got in to the vodka business, which is a lot more exciting.
This is made using King Edward & Lady Claire potatoes grown and then distilled on Chase Farm.
Ciroc is a premium vodka from France made from French fine grapes and distilled 5 times.
Ciroc Vodka 40% 70cl
Ciroc Pinapple is a flavoured variation of the premium 5-times distilled French vodka, that adds gentle tropical taste to any cocktails.
Ciroc Pineapple 37.5% 70cl
Four-times distilled and seven-times filtered, including three filtrations through precious crystals known as Herkimer Diamonds, then bottled in a crystal skull...
Crystal Head
One of the best cherry vodkas we have tasted, Davna Czeri is a mixture of handpicked polish cherries, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla and vodka, that has been matured in oak before bottling.
Davna Czeri
Made with care by busy Polish bees, Davna Honey is Polish Grain Vodka infused with Linden Honey.
Davna Hani
This premium small-batch wheat vodka from France is made of the best French ingredients: soft winter wheat and gensac spring water.
Grey Goose
Grey Goose is a premium French vodka. The exceptional smoothness carries through in this orange flavoured version.
Grey Goose
Vodka made from the viognier grapes, distilled in copper stills in an aricraft hangar, hence the name.
Hangar One
American vodka infused with mandarin for a perfumed orange flavour.
£ 4
Hangar One

WAS £28.95

NOW £24.95

Icelandic Mountain is one of the crispest vodkas in the world, sourcing its water from pure Icelandic springs and being distilled seven times.
Icelandic Mountain
A crisp and smooth vodka from the team at Lone Wolf distillery. Unlike many of the mainstream vodka's on the market, Lone Wolf is only filtered once, leaving more of the character of the pure spirit i ...
Lone Wolf
A distillation of cold macerated cocoa and vanilla to create a chocolate spirit.
One of the more unusual vodkas on the market, and one of our best sellers. Pincer take vodka and infuse it with elderflower and milk thistle to make something that feels a bit like a gin without the j ...
Pincer Vodka 38% 70cl
Organic Vodka produced in North London, Sacred is the project of ex Finance man, who luckily escaped the cutthroat world of the City, to enter the far more pleasant world of the distiller.
The world's most popular vodka, and one of the most sold global spirits, Smirnoff has risen quite considerably, since being established in the 1860's in Russia.
A Scottish vodka, reduced with water from a well beneath the Cairngorms. It is made up of a mashbill that is more barley heavy than most vodkas.
A delicately smooth and light vodka from the new Oxford Artisan Distillery. It feels profoundly clean and the rye base even adds in a slight spice in the finish.
Bison grass vodka has been drunk in Poland for over 600 years. Based in ancient forests in the North East of the country, Zubrowka take the Bison Grass, crush it and steep it in their vodka (in a cold ...