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The House of Bontanicals

The House of Bontanicals Old Tom Gin 47% 70cl

(Inc. VAT)
Delivery To 21 States Within The USA: Up To 10 Working Days
Bottle Size:70cl
Alc. Volume:47%
Listed In:House Of Bontanicals Gin | Old Tom and Sweet Gins | Gin

The House of Bontanicals Old Tom Gin

A complex and delicious Old Tom gin. After first being distilled in London, this gin is taken to Aderdeen where delicate saffron and chamomile flowers are macerated in it. It then has had muscovado sugar added to create the signature Old Tom style.
Official Tasting Notes
Nose: Golden yellow. Floral notes, spice and juniper dominate with earthy elements also noticeable.
Palate: The spice and juniper continue to shine alongside warming pine notes and hints of coriander, before leading into sherbet-y citrus and chamomile ahead of the finish.
Finish: Long and fragrant, everlasting complex sweetness and spice.

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