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15 Year Old 46% 70cl

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Product Information


ProducerJ and A Mitchell
Age15 Year Old
Bottle Size70cl
Alc. Volume46%


Oily, briney, not filtered, traditionally made, with pretty much everything from malting to bottling done in the distillery. Legally distilled on the site since 1828, illicitly distilled there for many years before. Produced using lightly peated barley, 2 and a half times distilled and matured in sherry casks.
Tasting Notes
Staff Tasting Notes
Nose: 3 stripe toothpaste, mint chocolate followed by a meatiness and a dash of soy sauce.
Palate: BBQ sauce, salty and more soy sauce. Mid palate is fudge and praline, and the finish is green peppers.

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