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12 Year Old Cask Strength 56.5% 70cl

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Product Information


Age12 Year Old
Bottle Size70cl
Alc. Volume56.5%


This annual release has a cult following that hoovers up this stock within a few months. It is loved because it is the most 'natural' bottling specification of a purist's distillery. This is the 2017 release.
Tasting Notes
Official Tasting Notes Nose: it’s reminiscent of walking in an autumn forest full of pine and chestnut trees, before returning home to the iodine of a Campbeltown malt and ending with a delicate hint of peat.
Palate: a gorgeous richness on the palate which is balanced between citrus marmalade on toast and caramelised toasted marshmallows, not forgetting flavours of vanilla and pepper. It’s a lip licking meaty dram.
Finish: a delicious, viscous, smooth liquid with a salty edge. It brings back memories of a ham joint which has been marinated in a rich honey sauce and slow baked in the oven.

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