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Spirited Union

Spirited Union Lemon and Leaf Rum 38% 70cl

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Name:Spirited Union Lemon and Leaf Rum
Producer:Spirited Union Distillery
Age:No Age Statement
Alc Vol:41%
Listed In:Spirited Union Rum | Spiced and Rum Liqueurs | Rum

Spirited Union Lemon and Leaf Rum

This botanical rum has been created by the Spirited Union Distillery in Amsterdam. They have taken an agricole-style rum from Mauritius and distilled it with Spanish lemon along with a curious combination of Blue Mountain Eucalyptus, UVA Highland black Tea, kina Bark, Sarawak pepper and Sarsaparilla root. This has created an interesting botanical spirit which could very well substitute into your favourite gin/rum cocktails.
Official Tasting Notes


Colour: Light, Clear.


Nose: Sweet citrus with fresh herbs and a light, slightly funky Agricole style rum.


Taste: Zesty Amalfi Lemons with - crisp and minty notes of Blue Eucalyptus and Black tea - finished with subtle earthy tones of Sarawalk Pepper, Kina Bark and Sarasaparilla root.
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