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Sea Wolf

Sea Wolf Scottish Rum 41% 50cl

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Sea Wolf Scottish Rum

Seawolf is the very first Scottish white rum to hit the market, and its made by old pals Jason Scott and Mike Aikman from Bramble Bar. It is distilled from slowly fermented high grade molasses. It is distinctly different to any white rum we have tried, and makes a killer daiquiri.

Staff Tasting Notes (by Arthur) Nose: Intensely fruity, with fresh cut pear and apple, and a punnet of slightly squished blackberries. An aroma of synthesised grape flavouring I get with a lot of Scottish new make from whisky distilleries is there. Banana bread and dried banana notes develop, finally stating its presence as a rum. A clean, relatively delicate but still complex nose that really engaged me. Palate: That fruit and banana is there (I’m thinking Fruit n’ Fibre with absolutely none of the fibre, just the banana chips, dried apple and raisins) but it is amazing how clean and then quickly drying the palate is, with a clay-like earthiness in the finish. Overall: Is this what slow-fermented, Scottish white rum is supposed to taste like? Who knows, it’s the only one I’ve had the chance to try. I hope so, as it is engaging and different.

NameSea Wolf Scottish Rum
ProducerBoilermaker Drinks Company
Alc Vol41%
Listed InRum
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