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Scruffy Dog

Scruffy Dog Original Medium Sweet Cider 33cl

(Inc. VAT)
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Name:Scruffy Dog Original Medium Sweet Cider
Producer:Strathearn Cider Co
Alc Vol:5%
Listed In:Cider | Brews

Scruffy Dog Original Medium Sweet Cider

Named for the family dog 'Ozzy' who is honoured on the label, Scruffy Dog is a small batch Scottish cider that uses local apples from across the Perthshire area. The medium sweet cider is a straight up, well crafted cider with sweet and sticky apple notes that coat the mouth on a fine fizz created by the champagne yeast, before being refreshingly cut through with a green-apple-skin tang. A solid summer session cider, and a great base to carry a few mulling spices into the colder months too.
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