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Single Malt Whisky

Single Malt Whisky:

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Talisker is well known for it's depth of flavour; but the distiller's edition adds another layer to that.
Tamdhu has really come into its own since Ian Macleod took ownership.This batch strength bottling is one of the best new additions to their range as it packs lots of character with fruit, nut and spic ...
Tamdhu's new age statement which replaces the 10 Year Old. We have enjoyed Tamdhu's resurgence in recent years and have been mightily impressed with new owner Ian Macleod's dedication to sherry casks.
Tamdhu has really strong rich sherry notes, with good spicy notes. A really good level of sherry and certainly one for the Glendronach 12 or Macallan fans out there.
The fourth batch of the popular cask strength edition of Tamdhu now comes in a deluxe box.
As a way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Tamnavulin distillery, owners Whyte and Mackay have released a brand new expression of Tamnavulin.
Teaninich has been operating for over 200 years in the northern highlands, while some official bottlings exist, it is mostly through independent bottlers such as Adelphi that we get to taste liquid fr ...
It often comes as a surprise to people, but Teaninich is one of the largest distilleries in Scotland.
32 year old Highland malt of the highest calibre. Really fruity, complex and engaging.
Teaninich distillery was founded in 1817 but has never been widely released as a single malt.
Teaninich is almost unique in Scotland being one of only two distilleries to use a mash filter in their production.
A single cask bottling from North Star Spirits, originally from a Highland distillery and from a single refill sherry butt.Bottled at 50% and adorned with an excellent label which intriguingly lists t ...
The Highland Star
A single cask mystery malt from an Island distillery.  North Star Spirits have established their Milennial Range with some core examples from Scotland regions.
The Island Star
A mystery Islay single malt bottled by North Star Spirits. Bottled from a single refill hogshead at a strength of 50% with a striking astrological label that features co-ordinates to reveal the spirit ...
The Islay Star
A lovely bottling from the well loved Isle of Islay. This single malt was first distilled in May 2003 and bottled in July 2013.
Thompson Bros
After a long absence from the market, Tobermory jumped back onto shelves with a refurbished distillery and a rebranded range.
It seems a very long time ago indeed that Tobermory was bottled at 40% ABV. The old Master Distiller Ian McMillan changed this during his tenure but this bottle is interesting look back on how the whi ...
The brand new official bottling of Tobermory which replaces the previous 10 year old offering.
Isle of Mull's distillery has had shortages of aged stock for the last few years, so we are delighted to get a little parcel of the 10 year old before it is replaced with another edition.
Rum cask matured whiskies are becoming more infrequent so we're glad to see another limited release from Tomatin, their spirit has worked very well in this wood type previously.
We've been very impressed by the interesting releases coming out of the Toamtin distillery in recent years, and this new limited edition 15 year old release looks to be another winner.
Water is an essential part of whisky making, so it's only fitting it is included in Tomatin's 'Five Virtues' range.
The liquid has always been good, but now Tomatin have smartened up their packaging at the top end to produce some genuinely beautiful and luxurious whiskies.
A single cask bottling of Tomatin from Gordon & Macphail's famous Connoisseurs Choice range.
Vatted from a combination of ex-Bourbon and ex-Oloroso Sherry casks, released at the slow pace of only 800 bottles at a time.
Tomatin's core expression, matured in ex-Bourbon casks and finished in ex-Oloroso casks.
This 11 year old single cask has classic, crowd-pleasing, fresh bourbon cask influences in a limited run of only 248 bottles.
RMW Exclusive
Tomatin distillery based just near Inverness produce a highly rated range of single malts, and some really interesting special releases.
Tomatin's new limited edition range of whiskies celebrate what they've deemed the 'five virtues' that go into making it- water, wood, fire, earth and metal.
A single cask distillery exclusive that was available at Whisky Fringe 2019. Distilled on 30th November 2001, this was matured for 12 years in an ex-bourbon cask and filled into a PX Sherry Cask for t ...
RMW Exclusive
Tomatin is one of our favourite distilleries here at RMW and we enjoy its versatility of maturation in unusual casks.
A sherry finished limited edition from Tomatin, this whisky was matured firstly in tradtitional Scotch Whisky casks for 9 years and then finished for 3 years in first-fill Amontillado sherry butts.
An amazing single malt from Tomatin distillery. Distilled in 1988 this whisky was matured in a combination of first-fill port casks and traditional whisky barrels.
Port cask whiskies can be something truly special when done right and that's exactly what has happened here with this release from Tomatin.
The 'Metal' expression from Tomatin's 'Five Virtues range takes inspiration from a incredibly important whisky making instrument; their 12 copper pot stills.
This limited release from Tomatin is a 14 year old whisky that has spent its maturing life in a combination of traditional Bourbon barrels and Cabernet Sauvignon barriques.
The Wood Edition of Tomatin's 'Five Virtues' limited edition range has been aged in a series of different casks.
Ever wondered just how much difference the cask makes to the end flavour of your whisky?
Most Speyside whisky is renowned for its light, fruity nature but this wasn't always the way.
A delightful, tropical old single malt that was undersold when it first appeared in the mid-noughties.
'The Gentle Dram' made using unpeated barley at Tomintoul Distillery, which is based on the Glenlivet estate, hence why it says on the label Tomintoul Glenlivet.
Tomintoul Distillery, near to Glenlivet in Speyside, produces fruity, easy drinking single malt whisky.
Tomintoul is often called 'The Gentle Dram' as it's known for its delicate, fruity character, so specific for the Speyside region where the distillery is located.
This is a single cask release of a beautiful 36 year old whisky from Tomintoul. Matured in sherry cask number 3691, this is a release of only 312 bottles of cask strength, unchillfiltered deliciousnes ...
This single cask release from Tomintoul was distilled in 2004, matured for 13 years in an ex-Oloroso Sherry Butt and then bottled in September 2018 at cask strength.
This single sherry cask (number 5970) was selected after 32 years and 11 months to create 180 bottles of this release.
One of the prettiest distilleries in Scotland, Tormore isn't the best known of single malts.
This single malt was matured in Bourbon casks, before being finished for one year in sauterne dessert wine casks.

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