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Grain Whisky

Grain whisky has been produced for over 100 years but it still manages to slip under the radar of many a whisky drinker.


As the name suggests grain whisky is a combination of different grains which are then used to create a different style of whisky. The grains used in the production of grain whisky can vary but are usually a mixture made up of maize, rye, wheat and, essentially, malted barley.


The other big difference between single grain whisky and single malt whisky comes in the production process. Firstly, grain whisky is made on a tremendously large scale compared to the small batch process that is used the make single malt whisky. This means that it is significantly less expensive and also means that it can be used on a much larger scale. Most grain whisky that is produced is used to create blended whisky; the economic backbone of the Scotch whisky industry. The second big difference in the production process comes in the form of distillation. While single malt whisky is distilled in copper pot stills, grain whisky is distilled in continuous stills. As the name suggests these stills run in a non-stop fashion and they tend to produce a very light, fresh spirit. The invention of these stills in 1830 by Aeneas Coffey revolutionised distilling and opened up a whole new style of whisky in Scotland.


Although it has traditionally been used for blended whiskies grain whisky has become a more respected spirit in its own right in the past few years. With whisky companies like Compass Box embracing the spirit as well as a raft of independent bottlers releasing expressions it seems that grain whisky is now being seen in a different light.


Grain Whisky:

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North Star Spirits take great pride in bottling what they consider to be some of the finest single casks whiskies on the market - and it's hard to disagree when being presented with this 37 year old s ...
The Carsebridge grain distillery is now, sadly, silent. Part of the 2018 Special Release from Diageo, this limited edition single grain whisky from 1970 is a run of 1,000 bottles all at the natural ca ...
Carsebridge is gone. It was closed in 1983, and many parts of the building have now been knocked to the ground.
A tasty bourbon cask of Girvan Grain whisky from North Star Independent Bottlers.
Compass Box were one of the first companies to really shout about how good grain whisky is.
Bottled by Holyrood Distillery under the name Holyrood Spirits Merchants, this is a single grain Scotch whisky matured in Alligator Heavy Char Barrels (AHC) imparting lots of vanilla, toffee and creme ...
Loch Lomond holds a very unusual place in the Scotch whisky industry as they produce both single malt and single grain whisky.
Loch Lomond
A single grain whisky from Loch Lomond distillery which was initially matured in bourbon hogsheads for 18 years and then finished in smaller first-fill ex-Koval bourbon barrels before being bottled by ...
Loch Lomond
A single grain whisky from Edinburgh's North British distillery matured for 27 years and bottled from an ex sherry butt by Wemyss Malts.
A single cask of Edinburgh's single grain whisky North British bottled by the excellent folk from Bramble Bar.
It's been said that Edinburgh has a distinct smell of brewing on certain days. Little do people know that it is North British distillery, tucked away in Gorgie that creates this malty aroma.
North British
This is a blend of different grain whiskies, distilled in July 1982, and bottled in March of 2019.
The Port Dundas grain distillery in Glasgow operated for 200 years until closing in 2011.
This is very unusual- an officially bottled grain whisky. Originally released as part of Chivas Brothers' Distillery Reserve Collection, this Strathclyde was bottled in August 2018 from 3 casks after ...
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NOW £42.95

Light, easy going and yet still flavourful. This grain whisky from Angus Dundee has, admittedly, rather 1980s livery but we love the fact its an age-stated bargain chance to try grain whisky.
Created by Sutcliffe & Son, an American independent bottler, this grain whisky forms part of the "Exceptional" series.
The Exceptional
Grain of Truth is a single grain whisky from an undisclosed Highland distillery which has used an unusual ratio of 50% wheat and 50% malted barley.
The Tweeddale
This peated edition of single grain whisky from unknown Highland distillery has been released by R&B Distillers who also own the Tweeddale brand.
The Tweeddale
Whyte & Mackay's new experimental department is releasing both classic and experimental small batch releases.
Whisky Works
Join us for a virtual tasting on Wednesday 10th June at 7:30pm featuring three of Scotland's most exciting independent bottlers.
RMW Exclusive
Indy Bottlers All Star Virtual Tasting Pack
Although rye was used in early whisky production in Scotland, there has been no Scottish rye whisky produced for over 100 years.
R&B distiller's are currently setting up their new distillery on the Isle of Raasay which will be up and running in 2017.
Not long after the spirit made in the stills at Caledonian distillery was put into the casks for this amazing bottling the distillery was closed.
Although now lost to us, there are still casks of Cambus in the hands of independent bottlers like Signatory.
The Cambus distillery has now, sadly, been demolished. However there are still casks of this often overlooked single grain whisky gently maturing around the country.
A single grain whisky from the closed Cambus distillery, bottled at 25 years old by That Boutique-y Whisky Company in a small batch of only 349 bottles.
Since it's closure it has been a pleasure to sample some of the remaining casks produced at the lost Cambus distillery.
Cambus was famously used by DCL in the early 1900s to fight the case for grain whisky's legitimacy.
James Eadie have really had an impressive showing when it comes to bottling single malt, and they've nailed it with their first bottling of grain whisky too!
The whiskies from Cameronbridge distillery have been reaching a lot more people in the past few years, but we doubt that any of them were distilled back in 1984!
An independently bottled release of Cameronbridge, the largest grain distillery in Europe.
A stunning grain whisky from Alloa's Carsebridge distillery matured for 46 years in a sherry butt.
A fun tasting set with 24 different samples of Scotch Whiskies, the best kind of advent calendar for whisky fans.
A very powerful whisky, which requires a good splash of water to get the most from.
Produced in Wm Grant's Ayrshire-based grain distillery, this 1964 vintage whisky has spent 55 years sat in cask #3, before being filled into only 84 bottles.
A fantastic bottling from the Creative Whisky company. Girvan distillery was built to keep with with William Grant's need for whisky for its blends, but it is a very interesting dram to try on its own ...
The oldest core expression from William Grant's massive grain distillery. The 'No.
The entry point to the single grain range from William Grant and Sons. It is made on the vacuum grain still pioneered by the remarkable Scottish company that have so often led the way in spirits cultu ...
Girvan Patent Still
It's amazing to think how far Compass Box have come in such a short time. Royal Mile Whiskies was one of the first retailers to ever stock them, with Hedonism being the first whisky that they ever rel ...
A single cask Invergordon by the independent bottlers North Star Spirits for their Cask Series 007.
This 1974 vintage single grain from Invergordon was selected and bottled, at 46 years old and cask strength, from a refill barrel that gave up just 136 bottles.
An unusual single cask of Loch Lomond grain whisky bottled by Murray McDavid. After twenty years in ex-bourbon hogsheads, this single grain whisky was finished for two years in a fresh ex-Armagnac bar ...
A very unusual and intriguing grain whisky. Michel Couvreur produced some very unusual whiskies over the years, but releasing a four year old grain was certainly ahead of its time.
MIchel Couvreur
A miniature whisky bottled by Murray McDavid. This 28 year old single grain whisky from Edinburgh's North British distillery was matured in ex-bourbon hogshead and then finished in two first fill ex-r ...
North British
Another terrific release from Copper Monument. This North British grain whisky has been distilled in the heart of Edinburgh.
Being based in the bonny city of Edinburgh, we're always delighted to see a bottling of the locally made grain whisky.
North British
Lost it may be, but there are still some amazing casks of whisky being released from the Port Dundas distillery.
Port Dundas once sat on the banks of the river Clyde and produced a fresh grain whisky mostly used in many of Scotland's leading blends.
Port Dundas
Due to the closure of the distillery, there will come a day that all the Port Dundas in the world has gone.
Port Dundas
If you're looking for a whisky from a lost distillery then Port Dundas is one of the best priced around; oh, and the liquid is stunning too!
Port Dundas

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