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Speyburn Whisky

The Speyburn distillery lies nestled in a tree laden glen near the town of Rothes and has done since 1897. It was designed by the famous whisky architect Charles Doig and, due mostly to the making whisky ethos of it's parent company, it has retained many of its original features. Although it's one of the biggest selling malts in the world the distillery is still not as well known as it should be.





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4,500,000 Litres


Speyburn distillery may be among the most photogenic in all of Scotland. The traditional distillery design and the iconic, green leafed surrounding add an certain feel that is not present in many of Scotland's distilleries. The distinctive two and three storey building rise high above the tree branches and Charles Doig's signature ventilator can be seen proudly strutting out from most angles. Even after a significant upgrade and expansion in 2014, the distillery still keeps its traditional charm.


The distillery was founded in 1897 by brothers John and Edward Hopkin and their cousin Edward Broughton. They were the owners of Tobermory at the time and this was their new venture. The trio continued to run the distillery until it followed the trend of being sold to the Distillers Company LTD. in 1916. During this time Speyburn became the first distillery to abandon traditional floor maltings and had a steam powered drum maltings installed. These were used up until the 1960s but are still available to see at the distillery as they have been preserved by Historic Scotland.


The whisky produced at Speyburn still has many traditional aspects to it; such as the used of worm tubs as condensers. This gives the spirit produced there a light, delicate and floral feel which has become the malts signature. The past few years has seen new additions to the core range at Speyburn and this distillery is becoming better known every year.


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A single first-fill bourbon cask of Speyburn whisky bottled exclusively for the UK in 2018. Distilled in 2004, this cask produced only 222 bottles, all bottled at 52.5%.
First Fill Bourbon
The whisky used in this release from Speyburn has been matured for 15 years in both American oak and Spanish oak, before being brought together to make this fruity and full bodied dram. A whisky fitti...
Speyburn, set up in the late 1800's by John Hopkins (the owner of Tobermory at the time) has always flown a little bit under the radar here in the UK. Mainly used by blenders, it is only in the past ...
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The name Brandan Orach refers to the Golden Salmon that populate the glorious river Spey, in Speyside. Whisky and salmon are what make this beautiful region famous, so it's nice to one celebrate the o...
A Speyburn distilled in 1988 and bottled by Berry Brother's and Rudd.
Speyburn in Speyside produce balanced spirit, that is then aged in a mixture of bourbon casks and fino sherry casks for 25 years. This dram has hints of toffee, grapefruit and raisins. Location:...

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