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Imperial Whisky

There were whispers for years that the Imperial Distillery would be revived and produced spirit once again. However, this wasn't to be the case as Chivas Brothers thought the better course of action was to demolish the distillery and build a new one on site (Dalmunach). Official bottlings of Imperial are as rare as they come but there are still independent bottlings available at very reasonable prices.





Chivas Brothers

Production Status



1, 600,000 Litres


Situated at Carron just across the river from Dailuaine distillery, Imperial was built by Thomas Mackenzie in 1897. Constructed with Aberdeen red brick within a framework of iron beams to a Charles Doig design, the distillery was an attractive sight when strolling along the Speyside Way, although the distillery that replaced it, Dalmunach, isn't too sore on the eyes either.


Over the years Imperial never really gained a foothold as a single malt, in fact, there was only one ever official release. It was mostly used as a filler in blends and occasionally bottled by companies such a Signatory.

Nowadays you can still find releases of Imperial but prices are slowly creeping up while the stocks start to decrease. It has a small cult following that seems to be growing and we're sure that with Dalmunach now producing whisky it won't be long before Imperial begins to gain a bit of momentum on the auction market.


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Imperial is a firm staff favourite with many at RMW and in our opinion a criminally underrated lost distillery. The bourbon hogshead that this whisky was matured in for 30 years yielded only 55 bottle...
A single cask of whisky from the demolished Imperial distillery in Speyside. This was distilled on 22nd August 1994 and was matured in a barrel for a quarter of a century before bottling in November 2...
Refill Bourbon
We're still lamenting Imperial's demise, it was one of our favourite distilleries and we're overjoyed to be able to add any more bottlings to our shelves as stocks begin to thin out. This single barre...
An independently bottled single malt from a sadly deceased distillery. Distilled in April 1997 and aged in a single bourbon cask for 21 years, with just 215 bottles coming from the barrel.
The final sentence of this label states, in reference to Imperial, "It looks as though it has distilled its last." This turned out to be true and the distillery has now be demolished and a new one bui...
Although the Imperial distillery has now been demolished, there are still casks of the whisky produced there being bottled by independent bottlers all over the country. This one has been released by G...
A rare official bottling of this now demolished distillery.
Imperial is a bit of a staff favourite here. It always tends to show full honeyed oakiness, mixed in with a dash of fruit, and a mineral note. This is a 21 year old distilled in September 1995 and bot...

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