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Glen Spey Whisky

Glen Spey is an uncommon single malt whisky as it is mostly produced for blends. It's traditional light character and easy drinking nature has led to it becoming a key component in the well known J&B blend; as well as many others. Along with the light fresh flavour it is thought that Glen Spey often has a light, drying nature to it which makes it perfect for combining with other whiskies.






Production Status



1,390 000 Litres


Glen Spey is based in Rothes which is a town steeped in distilling history. There are currently four other distilleries in the town all producing various styles of whisky.Although rare, there are a few bottlings of single malt Glen Spey on the market. The most common of these is the official 'Flora & Fauna' bottling and you will occasionally also come across independent bottlings.


Glen Spey distillery is another which has tales of being haunted. During World War II soldiers were posted at the distiller. During this time an unfortunate accident occurred which led to the electrocution of an unlucky serviceman. Over the years several people claim to have seen his ghost around the distillery.


The water comes from the Doonie burn which also provides water for serveal other distilleries. The burn has also claimed more that its fair share of wayward golf balls from the local course.


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Glen Spey is one of the many workhorse distilleries found around Speyside that you tend to only find bottled by companies such as Infrequent Flyers. This single cask release of only 613 bottles has be...
Pedro Ximenez
An intriguing independent bottling from James Eadie. This Glen Spey was matured for 12 years with its final 22 months in a first fill Palo Cortado sherry hogshead. Palo Cortado casks are very unusual ...
Sherry Finish
Glen Spey has been, for a very, very long time, a hige part of the famed J&B blend. As such, it doesn't get enough of a showing as a single malt (or at least we think so!) and we're delighted to see t...
Sherry Finish
Gordon & Macphail bottle distilleries that are less well known, which is great, as it allows us to try all those distilleries we heard of, but never had the chance to taste. Vegetal notes, cough medic...
Glen Spey
Glen Spey distillery is one of the distilleries that has spent its life off the radar. Very few official bottlings. The bottlings we have tasted tend to have young fruity notes, a slight bitterness, h...
Glen Spey
Mainly used for blending, Glen Spey tends to have a malty, biscuity led nature. This bottling is one of 276, and was matured in an American barrel.
Glen Spey

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