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Deanston Whisky

Deanston is a fairly easy going dram, with a good deal of mass appeal. It is all about sweet, malty, cereal character, and it's quality has improved drastically with the switch to natural colour, higher strength and a cessation of chill-filtration. Their virgin oak edition highlights the fruity characteristics, the creamy body, with a sappy oakiness from the new wood.






Production Status



3,000,000 Litres


Deanston is a relatively new distillery, though the site itself dates back to 1785 as a cotton mill. The mill was one fo the largest of its time and had strong connections to the early industrial revolution and was used to develop the Spinning Jenny which would spur industrialisation into new heights. It also held the record of having Eurpoe's largest waterwheel. When Brodie Hepburn decided to build a distillery, he stuck with traditional methods of distillation rather than using more modern equipment.


The plans to convert the mill came about in 1964, and the project was founded a year later, but it wasn't until 1969 that production began. The original plan was to create a brand around Deanston and place it at the heart of a blended whisky, but this never came to fruition as the distillery was bought by the Invergordon Group after only three years. Like many others they were hit by the decline of whisky sales in the 1980s, and Deanston was forced to close in 1982. It was only reopened in 1991 when Burn Stewart (now Distell) bought the distillery.


Deanston is possibly the greenest distillery in Scotland, having taken the old waterwheel concept and put it to good use. The turbines at Deanston, working 20 million litres of water an hour and providing the distillery with all its electricity needs and even selling the excess back into the National Grid.


Deanston Whisky:

Deanston Whisky
Delivery To 21 States Within The USA Is Available

Converted from an old cotton mill into a Single Malt Distillery in the 1960's, Deanston was mainly used for blending until a few years ago, when the distillery decided to bottle a bit more as Single M ...
Not only is Deanston one of the most unusual looking distilleries in Scotland, it has a reputation for releasing very interesting and unusual drams.
If you ever have the chance to visit Deanston distillery we'd thoroughly recommend doing so.
The site where Deanston Distillery was built in the 1960's, was a cottonmill, and had been since 1785.
This vintage bottling of Deanston was filled into casks in 1997, and finished in Palo Cortado sherry casks before being bottled at 21 years old.
Making organic whisky is no easy feat, so we doff our caps to the team at Deanston distillery for this new 15 year old release.
Deanston have descried their 18 year old bottling as an "amplified" expression of their entry level 12 year old.
This twelve year old release from Deanston distillery was distilled in 2006, and finished in ex-Fino sherry casks before being bottled.