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Caol Ila Whisky

Caol Ila is a bright, clean Islay malt of great quality. Malty sweetness and an oily texture form the base of the whisky, and a grassy floats over lovely smoke and salty beach character. Breaking through deeper flavours of smoked meat is a fresh, sweetened lemon citrus. A classic note is 'coal tar soap', but that is a rather specific reference to old fashioned school days!






Production Status



3,500,000 Litres


The stills at Caol Ila look out over a spectacular view across the Sound of Islay to the Paps of Jura, and the water in this tidal channel can rush past at some speed. The whisky distilled in these stills obviously enjoys the view, incorporating flavours of the peat bogs and the salty sea air. The distillery was modernised in the 1970's when the present modern appearance and picture windows arrived. The style of the whisky produced also received modernisation in the 70's. It lost a little of the peppery character but its oily body, highly prized by blenders, intensified. Indeed, when they had to take some tough decisions during a period of over supply, the quality and efficiency of this distillery saved it from the axe (over poor old Port Ellen).


For a long time, independent bottlers flew the flag of Caol Ila while Diageo merely used it as a filling in Johnnie Walker but in 2002 they launched their own range of three core bottlings which are all excellent.


Caol Ila is a great malt for giving as a gift to fans of Ardbeg, Bowmore, Lagavulin or peaty whiskies in general, as it is a pleasantly full bodied dram but has a wonderfully light, yet complex profile. A unique style of peaty whisky.


Caol Ila Whisky:

Caol Ila Whisky
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Previously bottled as a 'Mystery Cask' for our Blind Tasting Competition with Berry Bros and Rudd in 2019.
RMW Exclusive
The second Palo Cortado finished Caol Ila from James Eadie. This sherry wood type is rarely seen in whisky maturation (the sherry itself is rare enough).
Perhaps a little less famous than its Islay brothers, Caol Ila is more of a balanced, less in your face smoke than than the South Coast 3 (Lagavulin, Laphroaig and Ardbeg).
Caol Ila
A small batch bottling of Caol Ila from the new 'Reserve Casks' range by Single Malts of Scotland.
A classic whisky from the Isle of Islay. With the growing demand for older whiskies around the globe we're glad to see you can still get your hands on a bottle of Caol Ila like this one.
Caol Ila
The oldest Caol Ila so far in Diageo's Special Releases series. This is a refined, mature dram that reaches a depth and complexity of cereals, chocolate and silky smoke, yet shows a surprisingly fresh ...
Caol Ila
First distilled in 2010, this limited release Caol Ila has been matured and bottled by the whisky brains at Signatory Vintage.
Caol Ila
If there is any whisky out there that benefits being bottled at a young age it's Caol Ila.
A single cask of Islay's Caol Ila single malt, matured for 13 years in a refill bourbon cask.
Caol Ila
A young Caol Ila bottled by Murray McDavid, matured for over 5 years in an ex-bourbon barrel and then finished in a French red wine barrique from St.
Caol Ila
One of the most pretty views of any distillery in Scotland, much of Caol Ila is blended into Johnny Walker, with a small amount being bottled as Single Malt.
Caol Ila
One of the most popular bottles in the annual Special Releases returns with its oldest expression yet.
Ian Macleod have bottled this 14 year old Caol Ila under their Chieftain's range, sourcing three hogsheads and bottling them at 46% unchillfiltered and with natural colour.
Caol Ila
Caol Ila produces an oily, lighter smoky whisky than some of its heavier, smokier neighbouring distilleries.
Caol Ila
A single cask of Caol Ila for James Eadie bottlers. This has matured over 12 years in a refill bourbon cask, and got our shop staff speaking in poetic tongues when they tried it (a good sign).
Caol Ila distillery may not be the prettiest in Scotland but the view from the still house certainly is.
Caol Ila
We're always very interested in independent bottlings of Caol Ila; its punchy, peppery nature is something we can't get enough of.
We first tried this little beauty at our whisky festival Whisky Fringe in 2018 and, wow, did it ever impress us.
A single hogshead, filled with spirit in 1983 at the Caol Ila distillery on Islay and matured for 35 years until bottling in 2018.
This peated single malt whisky from the largest distillery on Islay was distilled in 2001 and matured in a refill American oak hogshead for 17 years before being bottled at cask strength 57.6% and wit ...
The James Eadie bottlings have very much shown us some great whisky so far and this one is no exception.
After success of previous releases by James Eadie we are very excited to try another Caol Ila.
Caol Ila is the workhorse of Islay, creating fine single malt to be bottled, and fine single malt for use in the Johnnie Walker blends.
Caol Ila
A single cask release from Glasgow's North Star Spirits. This Caol Ila has been finished in a PX cask after previously being in a refill bourbon hogshead.
Caol Ila
The second of two single casks bottled by newly revived bottler James Eadie. Matured for 12 years in a single refill bourbon barrel.
The combination of peated whisky and wine casks has proven to be a wonderful one if done right, and we're happy to say that this Caol Ila from Gordon and Macphail certainly falls into that camp.
13 years old may be an unusual age for a whisky to be bottled, but we'll trust the whisky brains at Gordon and MacPhail any day.
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Caol Ila

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A single cask Caol Ila bottled by the Thompson Bros from Dornoch. This is a great example from this Islay distillery offering notes of coaly, ashy characters with even some sweet biscuit notes.
A single cask from Caol Ila distillery bottled by Adelphi in 2019. This is an ex-bourbon cask bottled after 9 years at cask strength and unchilfiltered.
Caol Ila
A young but ever so well matured single cask of Caol Ila from Carn Mor. Limited to only 875 bottles, it was matured in one sherry butt for only 5 years.
A single cask bottling of Caol Ila by Morrison & Mackay from their Carn Mor range.
Caol Ila
A 9 year old Caol Ila bottled by Signatory Vintage in their two tone copper foil bottle series.
Caol Ila
Caol Ila has long been a popular dram with whisky drinker's and whisky blenders.
Caol Ila
Generally a smoky little number, every year Caol lla distillery produces a small amount of unpeated spirit, mostly to be used in Diageo's portfolio of blends.
The oldest bottled Caol Ila to date, presented by Gordon & Macphail from their Private Collection series.  Distilled on Thursday 21st March 1968 and bottled 50 years later on Friday 6th July ...
Caol Ila
A small batch Caol Ila bottled by Elixir Distillers in their Elements of Islay range.
The 8th release of Cl into the elements of Islay range. A vatting of five bourbon barrels which have combined to have flavours of sea spray, citrus and childhhod desserts.

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