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Ballechin Whisky

The modern day Ballechin single malt is produced at Edradour distillery, a tribute to the old Ballechin distillery nearby. Taking on their base spirit and style, Ballechin has a slightly salty quality combined with tree sap and a herbal note. It also takes sweeter, fruity tones from the Oloroso casked whisky. This is all coated in a fresh layer of peaty richness, adding a dry smoky flavour to the dram.



1837 (Edradour)


Signatory Vintage

Production Status



95,000 Litres (Edradour)


The original Ballechin distillery was founded by a consortium of farmers in 1810, quite near to where the Edradour distillery now stands. It used mostly peat fires in its malting process, creating quite a peaty highland whisky. The distillery ran for just over a century before the water source for Ballechin was diverted, and the last owner shut down and dismantled the distillery in 1927.


When Edradour was bought by Signatory Vintage in 2002, the distillery was renovated and repaired after severe flooding, and the production was increased to put several different bottlings of Edradour onto the market. As part of this expansion of the range, Signatory started to produce peated malt spirit, and released a peated whisky in 2006, named after the Ballechin distillery.


In the years approaching the release of the Ballechin 10, it has gone through a series of cask finishes, adding an extra level of flavour into the smoky character of the whisky. This began with the Madeira finish in 2007, and culminating in the 10 year old release in 2014.


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Bottled exclusively for seven of Scotland's Independent Whisky Bars. Edradrour's heavily peated spirit, known as 'Ballechin' has been matured for 15 years in two ex-bourbon casks before bottling in Ap...
RMW Exclusive
This release of Ballechin has been matured in a single bourbon cask #278 for 10 years and bottled in October 2018 at natural cask strength (hence the name). Ballechin is the name given to the heavily...
The Ballechin distillery has not produced whisky for generations but Edradour distillery keeps the spirit of the place alive with this peaty single malt. Ballechin is peated to at least 50ppm and is r...
This heavily peated single malt from Edradour distillery has been distilled in 2007 and matured for 11 years in ex-Bordeaux cask and bottled Straight From The Cask at 58.9% abv. It is limited to only ...
A single Oloroso sherry cask of Ballechin (heavily peated Edradour) bottled at natural cask strength of 61%.Distilled in February 2007 and bottled 11 years later in 2018, this cask (#18) produced 955 ...
The Straight From The Cask range has long been a bench mark of how whisky should be served for purists. Natural cask strength, no colouring and without chill-filtration; this whisky really lives up to...
Port (Fully Matured)
Although the Ballechin distillery is long gone Edradour keep its spirit alive with these releases. Every batch is smoked to at least 50ppm which is very unusual for a whisky produced in Perthshire. Th...
This is the first 10 year old edition of Edradour's heavily peated Ballechin Whisky. Aged in fresh ex Bourbon casks and ex Oloroso casks to give it full, oaky fruity flavours, balancing out the peat.
A intriguing experiment from Edradour distillery. A vatting of smoky Ballechin malt from a sherry cask balanced out by whisky from three bourbon barrels to create a rounder, fuller flavour.
Distilled on the 22nd of December 2004 and then bottled, as the name would suggest, straight from the chardonnay cask it had been maturing in on the 18th of July 2017. A very limited cask strength rel...
Wine Finish

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