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Ardnamurchan Whisky

The Adelphi Distillery Company had wanted to build a new distillery in honour of their namesake for many years and had already established their reputation firmly as an independent bottler of quality malt whiskies after starting in 1993.

In 2007 the first plans for realising the distillery were undertaken and planning permission was granted in 2012. The location chosen was Glenbeg on the west coast of Scotland.




Adelphi Distillery Co.

Production Status



500,000 Litres


Ardnamurchan Whisky:

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The newest release of spirit from the Ardnamurchan distillery. It has been matured in a first fill sherry cask, but not for the full three years to make it single malt whisky.
The 2018 release of spirit from the Ardnamurchan distillery. They have used a mixture of casks (full list below in the tasting notes section) to produce a bottling that contains some 3 and 4 year old ...
The fourth release of spirit from the Ardnamurchan distillery. Adelphi's approach is different to the majority of new distilleries as it has been releasing mature spirit with some components under 3 y ...
An inspired idea from two of Scotland's most exciting distilleries, this is the brain child of whisky supergroup known as 'Bruce Wills'.