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Aberfeldy Whisky

Youthful Aberfeldy has bright and fresh white fruit with a touch of light smokiness, following up with orange oil, and a clean fruitiness. As it ages, more toffee and honey notes develop and sherry spices blend into dried fruits with a buttery texture. At the height of its maturity, heather honey and seville oranges lead the way in a full bodied whisky, with complex woody spices to warm up the finish.





Bacardi Brown-Forman

Production Status



3,500,000 Litres


Founded by Tommy Dewar, creator of the Dewar's Blended Whisky brand, Aberfeldy makes up the backbone of the Dewars White Label. In 2000, the distillery opened the 'Dewars World of Whisky' museum and visitor centre, dedicated to the history of the Dewars brand and the process of making whisky.


Due, in part, to Dewar's popularity and selling power, Aberfeldy distillery has survived multiple downturns in the whisky industry. Its only periods of inactivity were when it was mothballed between 1917 and 1919, with the barley requirements being diverted as a basic foodstuff because of the First World War, and intermittently throughout the Second World War for similar reasons. Following these periods, Aberfeldy was able to regain stability by relying on the income from producing for Dewar's blends.


Since ownership of the distillery passed to Bacardi, production has increased and Aberfeldy is now being bottled in good quantities as a single malt, earning a place in Bacardi's 'Last Great Malts' portfolio.


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Aberfeldy, the heart of Dewar's blend, is one of the lesser seen Scottish single malts. A beautiful distillery, and a very easy drinking drop. If you are visiting Drinkmonger Pitlochry, it's just down...
We love the Aberfeldy 12, so we are excited to try the 16, which is matured in bourbon casks, and finished in Oloroso casks. Aberfeldy's house style is big and rich, with lots of honeycomb, pastries a...
A limited edition Aberfeldy official bottling finished in Pomerol Bordeaux casks. The robust fruity notes from the Bordeaux wine casks enhance Aberfeldy's honey and fruity style.
Wine Finish
Originally released in 2005, this is a great value example of a mature Highland whisky. Honey and fruit, melding with vanillas and a little smoky hint make this a fantastic flagship bottling for Aberf...
The Connoisseurs Choice range has long be a hallmark of quality whisky coming from Gordon and MacPhail. This vibrant Aberfeldy is packed full of citric character and spice and is a great value for mon...

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