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Column Still Rum

Column Still Rum:

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Pampero may not be a well known name in the UK, but it is very highly rated for its quality.
Named after the original Mauritian two pence stamp (one of the world's most valuable collectors' stamps), the Penny Blue is a series of exceptional small batch releases of Mauritian rum from the Medin ...
A blend of rums from Trinidad; Plantation Original Dark is a perfect for a rum and coke, or for a richer rum cocktail.
Ron Cubay has been produced in Cuba since 1964. Their Anejo Rum is a blend of rums distilled in column stills from Cuban sugar cane molasses and it has been aged for 7 years in American White Oak cask ...
Ron Cubay
Matured for 15 years in an oak barrel solera system (American Oak & Slavonian Oak), this Peruvian rum is a firm Royal Mile Whiskies & Drinkmonger favourite, as we were some of the first stocki ...
Ron Millonario
Ron Millonario