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Rum is a spirit made by distilling byproducts of sugar refining, such as Molasses, or straight from pure sugarcane juice.


It may be known as Rum, Ron or Rhum, with different styles being produced everywhere from the Caribbean to Australia, South America to Japan. But it is most associated with the West Indies and plays a large role in their culture. It has a rich, if occasionally unsavoury, history.


In the era of privateers and pirates, rum was used as currency for trading and buying slaves, and given daily to naval sailors as part of their pay. This has created terms like 'alcohol proof', where gunpowder was soaked in rum and ignited as proof of its strength. It also created 'grog', a drink of water, rum and lime juice, partly to combat scurvy, but mostly to stop the problem of drunken sailors!


The general grades of rum are a good starting point to cut through the confusion of so many different sets of guidelines for terms and age statements. White rums are generally cocktail rums, while dark or gold rums are more flavourful and are usually aged longer. Spiced and flavoured rums do exactly what they suggest and can be great for mixing. Almost all commercial rums are blended from different distilleries and island regions for a unique and balanced profile, but we are really enjoy the increased availability of single distillery or even single still rums.


Cachaça (from Brazil), and Rhum Agricole (from the French-speaking island producers), are both variants on rum, very similar in style but made exclusively using unrefined sugarcane juice. They carry more flavour from the original sugarcane and Cachaça especially is used in a lot of tropical style cocktails.


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Admiral Rodney was a famous British admiral in the late 1700's who fought the French and Spanish in the West Indies, hence links to St Lucia. Admiral Rodney Rum is matured in American Oak casks that p...
Admiral Rodney
Angostura, iconic rum producer in Trinidad, take their fantastic rum and age it in ex bourbon casks for between 5 and 8 years.
This famous producer of cocktail bitters began producing rum in 1947. This rum is distilled from molasses in column stills, before being aged in oak casks creating a rich, fruity oily rum.
Produced at the Angostura distillery on Trinidad and matured for 12 years in American oak casks. Angostura were formed in 1824, and became well known for their cocktail bitters, and latterly their fan...
In 1997 Joy Spence became Appleton Estates first ever female Master Blender. Since then she has dedicated herself to creating some of the finest aged rums that have ever been released. This limited re...
Appleton Estate
The oldest rum producer in Jamaica, Appleton 21 has sat in oak casks for a minimum of 21 years and has developed all sorts of complexity over that time.
Appleton Estate
This cachaça, a sugarcane-juice distillate from Brazil, was aged for a year in American oak.
Blue Mauritius
A blend of dark spiced rum from Mauritius and Trinidad and Tobago. Blended with fruits and spices to create one of the finest spiced rums we have ever tasted.
A blend of golden rums from Trinidad, matured in England for an average of five years. This is John Barratt of Bristol Spirits entry level rum which is affordable without dropping his principals of sm...
Bristol Spirits
Bundaberg Overfroof Rum is a dark rum made by Australian distillery, bottled at 57.7%. Full of oak, caramel and spice notes.
The iconic Australian Rum has been made in the Queensland town of the same name for over a hundred years and has been bottled since the 1960s. The label features the iconic polar bear used as Bundy's ...
Cadenheads is the oldest independent bottler in Scotland located in Campbeltown well known for their whisky releases, but it doesn't mean that they are not open on other type of spirits. Their Classic...
Cana Brava Rum is produced at Las Cabras distillery in Herrera, Panama by Master Distiller Francisco "Don Pancho" J. Fernandez who mastered the art of distilling in Cuba before moving to Panama in the...
Cana Brava
This 1996 vintage Trinidad rum is a 21 year old release from the remaining stocks of Caroni Distillery. The distillery was sold by the Trinidad government, amidst public protest, to Angostura in 2001 ...
Since its closure in 2002, Caroni has been highly sought after in the rum-loving community. This addition to the Berry Brothers & Rudd Exception Casks series is a 231 bottle run of 21 year old Trinida...
The final bottling of legendary closed distillery Caroni by Italian bottlers Velier. Luca Gargano acquired a large amount of ageing stock from the distillery warehouse in December 2004 and has been sl...
This is the inaugural vintage release from Chairman's Reserve, a blend of two distillates from St Lucia Distillers, one made on their John Dore pot still and the other from a coffey column still. The ...
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Chairmans Reserve
A single cask of Chairman's Reserve bottled exclusively for Royal Mile Whiskies. This rum was distilled at the St Lucia Distillery in a Vendome pot still and filled into a cask in 2006. Vendome is a p...
RMW Exclusive
Chairmans Reserve
Clement XO Rum
This spiced mocha liqueur from Scotland's first rum distillery does exactly what it says on the bottle. With a deep coffee profile laced with sweet chocolate,it makes a great addition to vanilla ice c...
Dark Matter
Take Dark Matter's white rum, throw in some fresh, tart rhubarb, and top with a little ginger and a light sprinkling of spice. Then take this tasty Scottish liqueur and add it to a glass of prosecco, ...
Dark Matter
From the Diamond Distillery in Guyana, this single cask #58 was selected and bottled for Leith Stillroom in 2019. Distilled in 2003, this 15 year old rum is a powerful mix of dried and tropical fruits...
A cask finish that we honestly never thought we'd see in an independently bottled whisky let alone for a rum! This single cask of Diamond Distillery pot still rum from Guyana has been matured for 11 y...
A single cask of pot distilled rum from Diamond distillery in Guyana, aged for 15 years in an American oak barrel and bottled by the Thompson Bros for the 10th anniversary of bar Rum & Whisky Kyoto in...
This is an excellent single cask of pot distilled rum from the Diamond Distillery in Guyana. We have selected this cask in collaboration with the good folks at Nauticus in Edinburgh and Dornoch's Thom...
RMW Exclusive
A single vintage bottling of Diplomatico, this rum was distilled in 2005 and has been matured in both bourbon and single malt whisky casks for twelve years before a careful blending and then a final y...
Sherry Finish
Don Papa 10 year old is a limited edition rum from Philippines. It has been made from the highest quality sugar cane and matured in re-charred american oak. Smooth and delicate on the palate but has l...
Don Papa
Don Q is the biggest selling rum brand in Puerto Rico. The Cristal Rum is made from fermented molasses and then continuously distilled to produce a clean and delicate flavour. Aged for between 1.5 and...
Don Q
This Barbados rum from Foursquare distillery is a blend of column and pot still distilled rum, matured from 14 years in ex-bourbon casks but a portion of the blend was aged in ex-Madeira casks. It is ...
The East London Liquor Company have imported this delicious dark rum from Georgetown, Guyana. It was created in the world's last surviving two-column wooden still. It was then matured in ex-bourbon ba...
East London Liquor Company
With over 300 years history, the Diamond Distillery in Guyana, operated by Demerara Distillers, has a long history of making rum along with some of the most interesting distilling equipment in the wor...
El Dorado is one of our favourite rums. Made at the fantastic Demerara Distillery in Guyana, which is essentially a distillery geeks dream (many many different types of distilling equipment). Aged in ...
El Dorado
A St Lucian rum that has been matured in Buffalo Trace casks for three years while being infused with criollo cacao, which gives the rum dark chocolate notes.
Elements 8
A molasses based rum, created by the folks at St Lucia Distillers, which is then spiced and barrel aged in ex bourbon casks. Spiced with Cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, ginger, star anise, vanilla, lemon, or...
Elements 8
A blend of column and pot still rums made in St Lucia and aged in ex-bourbon oak casks. The name refers to 8 key elements needed for creating the rum (environment, sugar cane, water, yeast, distillati...
Elements 8
English Harbour
A single cask rum independently bottled by The Thompson Bros at Dornoch Distillery.This was distilled in 2008 in Forsyth's pot still at Worthy Park Estate in Jamaica. It was then bottled 10 years late...
Fine Old Jamaican Rum

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