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Roe & Co

Roe & Co Irish Blended Whiskey 45% 70cl

(Inc. VAT)

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Name:Roe & Co Irish Blended Whiskey
Alc Vol:45%
Listed In:Blended Whiskey | Irish Whiskey

Roe & Co Irish Blended Whiskey

Right now there is no spirit in the world that's getting near Irish whiskey in terms of growth, and we can see why. Roe & Co. from Diageo is another example of the light fresh flavour which is helping its popularity soar!
Staff Tasting Notes


Nose: The sweet vanilla and caramel characteristics comes out to greet you first. There is lots of fruit underneath. Pears and sweet raisins. There is also a sweet esther note of nail varnish or pick & mix chews.


Palate: It's body is very light and fresher but there is an aggressive spice that comes through which gives the whole whiskey depth. Lots of lingering ginger and cream and a fresh pineapple zing.


Comment: A very good reintroduction to the Irish whiskey category from Diageo.
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