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Persie Nutty Old Tom Gin 43% 50cl

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Name:Persie Nutty Old Tom Gin
Producer:Persie Distillery
Alc Vol:43%
Listed In:Persie Gin | Old Tom and Sweet Gins

Persie Nutty Old Tom Gin

Keeping true to Simon Fairclough's wish to create a series of gins that perfectly balance aroma and taste, this edition of Persie Gin has a full aromatic profile in the Old Tom style. This sweet style of gin was popular in the 18th Century right through to Victorian times, and has found a new lease of life in the current 'Gin Renaissance'. With vanilla, gingerbread and nutty flavours, this is a perfect gin to pour over ice and sip slow, or add a touch of ginger ale for a longer drink.
Official Tasting Notes Day trips with vanilla ice cream, butterscotch sauce and almonds. A creamy, full-bodied gin, with a nutty gingerbread finish. Try this after dinner instead of a liqueur. We like to stack the glass with ice, pour over the gin and hear it crack. Or if you’re a good mixer who likes a good mixer, add a splash of ginger ale for a perfect digestif.
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