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Paul John

Paul John
Edited 46% 70cl

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ProducerJohn Distilleries
Bottle Size70cl
Alc. Volume46%


Double distilled in copper pot stills in Goa, before being matured in bourbon casks. Their angel's share is around 8%, giving lots of cask interaction. This is a great introductory dram for anyone you wants to poke a tentative toe into the world of smoky whisky, while also befuddling them by telling them its Indian whisky made with Scottish peat.
Tasting Notes

Staff Tasting Notes
Nose: A gentle whiff of smoke on the nose with bright sweet vanilla oak underlying, subtle maritime notes and a faint trace of sea salt.
Palate: Chocolaty nutty/woody notes leading to a more richly developed full palate of stewed sweet smoky fruit.

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