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Old Pulteney

Old Pulteney 12 Year Old 40% 70cl

(Inc. VAT)
Producer:International Beverage
Age:12 Year Old
Bottle Size:70cl
Alc. Volume:40%
Listed In:Old Pulteney Whisky | Single Malt Whisky | Highland Whisky | Scotch Whisky

Old Pulteney 12 Year Old

Wick, the home of Old Pulteney, in the far North of Scotland, was once one of the main herring fishing hubs in Europe. Folks would say it had silver and gold (fish and whisky). The herring have gone, but Old Pulteney whisky still endures. Short squat pot stills produce quite an oily spirit, that is then filled into mainly ex bourbon casks, to produce this fresh, sweet, easy drinking dram.
Staff Tasting Notes
Nose: A burst of apricot, pear, green banana and peach, coupled with a fruity oiliness come accross with first nosing. Soft undertones of seaweed and brine follow, rounded off by cane sugar, butter scotch and honeycomb. With a bit more time in the glass; floral aromas, grassiness, honeydew and melon begin to appear.
Palate: A citrusy palate, filled with orange, grapefruit zest, followed by lemon and a warming honey oiliness. A bit more butterscotch. More sugary notes on the palate, with hints of vanilla and icing sugar. An easy drinking, but at the same time mouth coating, intricate whisky. The finish shows a bit of spice and a dash of smokey sea air.

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