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Old Curiosity

Old Curiosity Wild Secret Garden Gin 40% 50cl

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Old Curiosity Wild Secret Garden Gin

Old Curiosity have released this gin to support the work the RSPB do in Scotland's Flow Country, which is the large peat bogs that act as a carbon storage on the northern tip of Scotland. Alongside juniper Wild is created with freshly distilled sweet cicely, bog myrtle, dwarf birch, angelica root, winter savory, wooden avens, sweet woodruff, yarrow and nettle. Most of which are grown and cultivated in our very own Secret Gin Garden to ensure it does not disrupt the delicate ecosystem of the Flow Country.

NameOld Curiosity Wild Secret Garden Gin
Alc Vol40%
Listed InGin Earthy, Spicy and Herbal Gins Old Curiosity Gin Free UK Delivery Drinkmonger @ Royal Mile Whiskies
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