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A triple distilled single malt whiskey bottled by Irish whiskey brand Kirker and Greer.
A 10 year old Irish blended whisky, matured in American white oak ex bourbon casks, and finished for a minimum of 6 months in Oloroso sherrry casks.
Kirker & Greer is a revived whiskey brand from Belfast who are independently sourcing and bottling whiskey from Ireland.
A revived Irish whiskey brand called Shamrock which used to be produced by Belfast based blenders Kirker & Greer in the 1800s.
Kirker & Greer
Batch 3 of Teeling's own Dublin distilled single pot still whiskey. Made from 50% unmalted and 50% malted barley, triple distilled and then aged in ex-bourbon, ex-wine and virgin oak casks.
Chapel Gate Whiskey are aiming to resurrect the art of whisky bonding along with the name of 19th century bonder J.J.
J.J. Corry
Named after a 19th Century whiskey bonder on the west coast of Ireland, this brand has been resurrected by Chapel Gate Whiskey who aim to also resurrect the art of whisky bonding (think independent bo ...
J.J. Corry
Unseen on the market for almost 50 years, Red Spot has returned as a single pot still whiskey in Mitchell & Son's Spot range.Triple distilled at Midleton and matured for a minimum of 15 years in a ...
Irish whiskey is in the middle of a resurgence at the moment, but things weren't always so rosy.
The Method and Madness range from Irish Distillers has showcased some truly unique whiskeys made at Midleton Distillery.
Jameson Crested replaces the older expression known as Crested Ten which was the first whiskey to be bottled by Jameson themselves in 1963.
This giftpack has three miniatures from the most popular Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey.
This premium Irish whiskey has been matured for 21 years in ex-Bourbon barrels before it was aged for an extra three years in ex-Sauterne wine casks.
The Sexton is a single malt Irish whiskey created at the Old Bushmill's Distillery by master blender Alex Thomas.
The Sexton
This smart giftpack features four miniatures of the Midleton distillery's most recognisable single pot still brands- Redbreast 12 Year Old, Green Spot, Power's John's Lane 12 Year Old and Midleton Bar ...