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New In: Waterford Irish Single Malt Whisky
New Brews: Fri 18th September, 2020
Newbarns Pale Ale Chinook & Vic Secret 4.5% 44cl

Founded by former brewers from The Kernel and Beavertown, it's no surprise that Newbarns are dab hand at making some delicious pale ales.

£3.90 ✔ In Stock
Newbarns Oat Lager 4.8% 44cl

A unique lager style made by the good folks at Newbarns in Leith.

£3.65 ✔ In Stock
Newbarns Pilsner Beer 4.2% 44cl

Newbarns are one of the most exciting new brewers to emerge on the Scottish beer scene.

£3.50 ✔ In Stock
New Brews: Thu 17th September, 2020
Stewart Brewing
Stewart Brewing Hopfenweisse Dry Hopped Wheat Beer 6.8% 44cl

Edinburgh's own Stewart Brewing have made this thirst quenching wheat beer/IPA hybrid by using a wheat beer base and dry hopping it with Huell Melon and Mandarina Bavaria hops.

£4.10 ✔ In Stock
The Kernel x Newbarns
The Kernel x Newbarns Multi-Grain IPA Galaxy 6.5% 33cl

A snazzy collaboration beer brewed between The Kernel (London) and Newbarns (Leith).

£2.95 ✔ In Stock
New Brews: Thu 3rd September, 2020
Top Out
Top Out Staple Pale Ale 4% 44cl

Top Out's Staple is a smooth and tasty session Pale Ale that definitely forms part of our Staple beer diet!

£3.25 ✔ In Stock
Top Out
Top Out Gipfel DDH Pale Ale 4.8% 44cl

Gipfel means summit in German, and also gives its name to this super juicy double dry hopped pale ale.

£3.75 ✔ In Stock
Top Out
Top Out The Cone IPA 6.8% 44cl

The Cone is an excellent IPA from Edinburgh's mountaineering brewers Top Out.

£3.95 ✔ In Stock
New Brews: Wed 2nd September, 2020
Beavertown Passion Phantom Berliner Weisse 3.5% 33cl

Sharpness and sweetness mix in this berliner weisse, using extra pale malt and malted wheat as a base for masses of passionfruit puree.

£2.55 ✔ In Stock
Burning Sky
Burning Sky Tail Crush Table Beer 3% 44cl

This table beer from Burning Sky brings everything you could want for a sessionable brew; it's a moderate strength beer with big, but balanced, flavour and body from the blend of malted barley, wheat, and oats.

£3.40 ✔ In Stock
Tempest Pale Armadillo Session IPA 3.8% 33cl

Tempest's core session IPA; Amarillo, Citra, and Mosaic hops make this a full and fruity West Coast style, but at only 3.8% it's a very quaffable brew.

£2.40 ✔ In Stock
Tegernseer Hell Lager 4.8% 50cl

From the former Tegernsee Abbey, this is a classic Bavarian lager; toasty cereals and straw with a subtle hop bitterness.

£3.45 ✔ In Stock
Swannay Orkney Session Ale 3.8% 50cl

A thirst quenching session ale brewed for the Orkney Folk Festival, made using Bobek, Cascade, Motueka and Simcoe hops.

£2.65 ✔ In Stock
New Brews: Tue 1st September, 2020
Magic Rock
Magic Rock Salty Kiss Gooseberry Gose 4.1% 33cl

Magic Rock offers a salty kiss, with this take on a German Gose.

£2.35 ✔ In Stock
Bellfield Craft Lager Gluten Free 5.2% 33cl

Both vegan and certified gluten free, by the crossed grain symbol from Coeliac UK, Bellfield's craft lager brings together old and new world hops for a combination of floral and light fruity notes to the aroma.

£2.65 ✔ In Stock
Cromarty Hit The Lip Summer Session Beer 3.8% 44cl

Using new-world Motueka, Dr Rudi, and Kohatu hops, Cromarty have stuffed this sessionable summer brew with tropical and citrus fruit notes, as well as a little piney sharpness.

£2.95 ✔ In Stock
Wasted Degrees
Wasted Degrees Chipotle Porter 5% 33cl

Bringing cocoa nibs and chipotle chillies together, Wasted Degrees have created this dark, rich, and intense porter.

£2.95 ❌ Sold Out
Wasted Degrees
Wasted Degrees Pale Ale 4% 33cl

Inspired by the pioneers of American brewing, Wasted Degrees have created this pale ale in East Coast style; a hazy, hop-forward profile, bringing tropical and stone fruits to a smooth body from the use of flaked oats in the mashbill.

£2.95 ✔ In Stock
New Brews: Thu 27th August, 2020
Black Isle
Black Isle Spider Monkey IPA 5.2% 33cl

From the all-organic Black Isle Brewery comes this juicy, tropical IPA, filled with Pineapple and Pawpaw flavours.

£2.75 ❌ Sold Out
Black Isle
Black Isle Goldfinch Gluten Free Session IPA 3.5% 33cl

Black Isle's award-winning session IPA is both organic and gluten-free.

£2.50 ✔ In Stock
Swannay Old Norway Orcadian Barleywine 8% 33cl

Swannay Brewery's slightly lighter take on this classic high-strength style uses sweet British Maris Otter and Wheat malts, balanced against citrusy, chewy, bittering Cascade, Citra, Nelson Sauvin, and Simcoe hops.

£3.65 ✔ In Stock
Tynt Meadow
Tynt Meadow English Trappist Ale 7.4% 33cl

The UK's first Trappist ale has been brewed by the monks of Mount Saint Bernard Abbey, in Charnwood Forest.

£2.95 ✔ In Stock
Tiny Rebel
Tiny Rebel Dutty Vermont Session IPA 4.2% 33cl

Aiming for the big tropical hoppy notes, but without the 7% strength that frequently goes with it, Tiny Rebel have jam-packed Dutty with more hops than is sensible, and have hit the nail on the head!

£1.95 ✔ In Stock
New Brews: Tue 25th August, 2020
Einstok Icelandic White Ale 5.2% Can 33cl

Einstok's excellent white ale, now in a can.

£2.50 ✔ In Stock
Einstok Icelandic Arctic Pale Ale 5.6% Can 33cl

A can of the popular Icelandic pale ale from Einstok.

£2.50 ✔ In Stock
New Brews: Tue 18th August, 2020
Cromarty Kowabunga Pale Ale 4.6% 50cl

Kowabunga is definitely one of the best beer names around. This 'pale ale in a half shell' from Cromarty is hopped quite late in the kettle with five different hops including Citra and Simcoe, creating a vibrant, juicy pale ale which can sit perfectly beside your favourite pizza...

£2.95 ❌ Sold Out
Cromarty Raptor Ekuanot IPA 5.5% 44cl

A delicious IPA brewed by northern higland brewers Cromarty.

£3.15 ✔ In Stock
Tempest Peach Sour 4.5% 33cl

A peach and vanilla sour from Tempest Brewing.

£3.20 ✔ In Stock
Tempest Midnight Dipper Double IPA 8.5% 33cl

This Double IPA from Tempest is as dank and hefty as they come.

£4.30 ✔ In Stock
Tempest Blueberry Pastry Stout 9% 33cl

A lovely whopping pastry stout with lots of blueberries made by Tempest.

£3.95 ✔ In Stock
Tempest Sleight of Hand Alcohol Free Pale Ale 0.5% 33cl

A low alcohol pale ale from the good folks at Tempest.

£2.20 ✔ In Stock
New Brews: Fri 14th August, 2020
Fallen Brewing
Fallen Brewing Big Raspberry Dog Chew Salted Caramel & Raspberry Milk Stout 10% 33cl

Fallen's Chew Chew is a beloved beer for staff here at RMW, so it's no surprise that we're also big fans of the amplified raspberry version.

£4.65 ✔ In Stock
Williams Bros
Williams Bros Joker IPA Can 5% 50cl

One of the classic core beers we've stocked for years, Joker IPA is an excellent Scottish IPA brewed by Williams Bros, and it now comes in 500ml cans.

£1.95 ✔ In Stock
Fyne Ales
Fyne Ales Jarl Citra Session Blonde 10th Birthday Edition 3.8% 44cl

We can't quite believe that Jarl was first brewed 10 years ago!

£3.15 ✔ In Stock
New Brews: Thu 13th August, 2020
Ardbeg x Brewgooder
Ardbeg x Brewgooder The Shortie Smoky Porter 6.2% 4x33cl

A collaboration beer between Ardbeg and Brewgooder named after Ardbeg's keen excavating mascot Shortie.

£14.00 ❌ Sold Out
New Brews: Fri 5th June, 2020
Kernel Galaxy Nelson Sauvin IPA 7% 33cl

Kernel have a "no-frills" approach to beer, from their labels to their recipes they let the beers speak for themselves.

£3.15 ❌ Sold Out
New Brews: Wed 20th May, 2020
Beavertown Nanobot Super Session IPA 2.8% 33cl

A super sipping summer session IPA from Beavertown.

£1.95 ❌ Sold Out
New Brews: Tue 5th May, 2020
Burning Sky
Burning Sky Easy Answers IPA 6% 44cl

Brewed in the South Downs of East Sussex, this is a clean, easy-drinking IPA with a good body and subtle bitterness.

£4.10 ✔ In Stock
Magic Rock
Magic Rock Cannonball IPA 7.4% 33cl

As the name suggests, this beer is no shrinking violet.

£2.95 ✔ In Stock
New Brews: Thu 30th April, 2020
71 Brewing x Beers Without Beards
71 Brewing x Beers Without Beards Making Herstory 6.2% 44cl

Created as a collaboration for the Women in Beer festival in 2019, this is an interesting baltic porter that combines the classic chocolate and coffee notes with a citrussy element from the hop profile.

£3.50 ❌ Sold Out
71 Brewing
71 Brewing Cloud Fall APA 4.5% 33cl

Part of 71 Brewing's blueprint series, Cloud Fall helps form the core of the Dundee brewery's range.

£2.45 ❌ Sold Out
Bolee Darmorique Cider 5% 33cl

This classic farmhouse style French cider is very well structured, with a rustic quality that lends a tart, almost cider vinegar note to the fresh white fruit and caramel flavours.

£2.35 ✔ In Stock
New Brews: Wed 29th April, 2020
Beavertown x Salt
Beavertown x Salt Mercury Super Session IPA Can 2.7% 33cl

It wouldn be hard to make Beavertown any cooler, but a collaboration with Salt Beer Factory does just that.

£2.45 ❌ Sold Out
Fyne Ales
Fyne Ales Origins Home 37.5cl

From the Autumn 2019 collection, this amazing beer is a blend of 1, 2 and 3-year old spontaneously fermented ales, inspired by the Geuze style of Belgium.

£8.25 ✔ In Stock
Fyne Ales
Fyne Ales Origins Beams Saison 37.5cl

Another cool experiment brewed in partnersip with Duration Brewing, that takes two distinct beers and blends them together to create an elegant, yet rustic, Brett forward beer.

£6.95 ✔ In Stock
Fyne Ales/Salt
Fyne Ales/Salt Rain or Shine Session IPA 4.8% 44cl

Brewed in collaboration with Salt Beer Factory, this is a uicy, balanced session IPA with a bit of haze to it.

£3.60 ❌ Sold Out
Vibrant Forest
Vibrant Forest PUPA Juicy IPA 4.5% 44cl

A beer brewed to straddle the East and West Coast styles of American IPA.

£3.85 ❌ Sold Out
New Brews: Wed 8th April, 2020
Cross Borders
Cross Borders Sorachi Saison 4.6% 33cl

Sorachi Ace is one of the weirdest hops in terms of its flavour interaction - with people claiming to taste everything from lemon, to vanilla custard, to dill.

£2.45 ❌ Sold Out
Stewart Brewing
Stewart Brewing Aqualung New England Pale 5.2% 44cl

Part of Stewart's Project 7 range, Aqualung is an incredibly soft New England style pale ale, awash with tropical and stone fruits, hitting big on the aroma of juicy peaches.

£3.85 ❌ Sold Out
Cross Borders
Cross Borders Wee Braw Session IPA 4% 33cl

Cross Borders' award-winning flagship brew; Wee Braw (meaning excellent or pleasing in Scots slang) is the little brother of their Braw Pale, lower on ABV but just as punchy with the tropical fruits and floral notes.

£2.45 ❌ Sold Out
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