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Maclean's Spillage

Maclean's Spillage Blended Whisky 46% 70cl

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Maclean's Spillage Blended Whisky

A blend created by whisky legend Charlie Maclean, which has a ratio of 60% malt whisky to 40% grain whisky, kindly donated by west coast distilleries. Charlie and his team were honoured to create this dram to celebrate the record breaking transatlantic crossing his three sons made as part of the Talisker Challenge in 2020, braving high seas in their rowing boat for 35 days. The bottling is limited to 299 bottles.

Note that anybody wishing to hear Charlie and his sons talk about the whisky and their adventure, Royal Mile Whiskies will be hosting an online tasting and Q and A on the Royal Mile Whiskies youtube channel on 10th August at 6.30pm UK Time.

Aside from the necessary VAT, all liquid, packaging and design that went into this whisky has been kindly donated, and every penny from sales will be given to the charity Feedback Madagascar.

Charles Maclean's Tasting Notes

Nose: Maritime, with a beach-like scent and a ham-like meatiness. A coal tar/carbolic character (but no smoke yet), and a dry grassiness like dunes.

Palate: A sweet but salted popcorn flavour, lightly acidic with a phenolic, medicinal finish.

Overall: A gentle, coastal experience. Like paddling in the shallows.

NameMaclean's Spillage Blended Whisky
Alc Vol46%
Listed InScotch Whisky Limited Edition RMW Exclusives Blended Whisky Broar - Whisky For Water
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