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Mackmyra Preludium 01 55.6% 50cl

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Mackmyra Preludium 01

This is the first official bottling from Swedish distillery Mackmyra, originally released in 2006. The bottling contains the casks from Mackmyra's pilot distillery, that was in operation from 1999 to 2002, as well as the first casks from Mackmyra Bruk, the site of the completed distillery. As Mackmyra is the first whisky distillery in Sweden, this bottling is actually the first Swedish whisky ever produced. It is a landmark bottling with a youthful vibrance and acidity, but a wealth of apple, coconut and anise flavours over a caramel base.

NameMackmyra Preludium 01
Alc Vol55.6%
Listed InWorld Whiskies Swedish Whisky Mackmyra Whisky
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This gin from Sweden is made at Mackmyra's Bruk distillery in copper pot stills,12 kilometers west of the city of Gävle. They are inspired by the Swedish landscape, and this bottling was led by a Ric...
Kreator Jin
A great value single malt whisky from the pioneers of the Swedish whisky scene. They are proud of the fact that this edition is made using only Swedish ingredients, but not so proud that they don't wa...
Mackmyra is truly one of the world's most innovative distilleries and we're always excited when something new lands onto our shelves from them. This limited release has been matured in 30 litres casks...
The Moment series takes the most exclusive, interesting casks from Mackmyra's warehousing, specially selected by their master blender Angela D'Orazio, for some truly unique limited bottlings. The Kari...
Mackmyra distillery, north of Stockholm, produce distinctly Swedish single malt whisky, and take pride in their unique production, and their traceability. They malt their own barley, sourced from loca...
Virgin Oak
Swedish single malt whisky, made by those fine folks at Mackmyra distillery. This is their easy drinking, but still flavoursome whisky. The kind of whisky you can enjoy, without concentrating too hard...
Mackmyra Bruks 41.4% 70cl
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