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Originally made to mask the poor quality of early spirits, liqueurs are a sweet and versatile drink for all sorts of occasions


While liqueurs were always traditionally seen as a drink to have with (or over) a dessert, the last century has seen liqueurs playing an essential role in cocktail recipes, and more recently has found a place in some innovative cuisine .


When spirits were first distilled for drinking purposes it is likely there was a harshness and roughness to these early spirits especially given that long maturation was either unheard of or so expensive that very few did it. To solve this, fruits, herbs and honey were added to override the worst of a spirit's nature and create a pleasant, sweet drink with a bit of a kick. Furthermore, it was an excellent way of preserving the natural seasonal bounty of local fruits so they could be enjoyed all year round.


Eventually, as refining methods became more efficient, cheaper and easier, people began to mix ingredients with the spirits that would allow the flavours to blend together rather than suppress each other. Cream was also introduced to create a thicker liqueur that simply allowed spirits like whisky to shine with its own flavours. These developments made amazing drinks that worked well by themselves or simply over ice.


Currently, the law requires 100 grams of sugar per litre, but the lack of any other restrictions has allowed drinks companies to make their own branded liqueurs, balancing their spirits with ingredients to make signature flavours, and has allowed liqueurs to develop into a fantastic style in their own right.



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A small batch orange liqueur created for cocktails, Fortunella has lovely delicate fruity notes, with hints of Jaffa Cakes.
Gabriel Boudier
Gabriel Boudier
This violet liqueur from Gabriel Boudier's Bartender range is an ideal ingredient for an Aviation cocktail.
Gabriel Boudier
Gabriel Boudier
Gabriel Boudier
An extremely small batch Scottish liqueur. Less than 1,000 bottles are produced each year from locally sourced honey, bramble berries and whisky.
Ginger root and spices, mascerated with wine. Originally produced by James Hutchison in 1750 this is apparently the only ginger wine made in Scotland, so Paul Aston (the owner) is keeping a very Scott ...
Illyquore is created using the coffee expertise of Illycaffe and the liqueur expertise of Campari.
The Jade Esprit Edouard is a faithful reproduction of the famous Edouard Pernod 72° absinthe, the 19th century luxurious spirit from one of the world's most prestigious absinthe distilleries.
Jade 1901 Absinthe is a tribute and a replica of the historical Pernod Fils, a very popular and appreciated absinthe from the time before this alcohol was banned in France.
This traditional Polish liqueur, made with sweet Polish plums and premium Krupnik Vodka is one of many delicious vodka liqueurs from this well known producer.
Lejay Lagoute
Lejay Lajoute
Luxardo Marachino is a distillate made from Marasca, which is variety of cherry cultivated by Luxardo.
Mandarine Napoléon is blend of mandarins and refined 10-year-old aged cognac recreated by Belgian chemist, Louis Schmidt from the ancient recipe of Napoléon Bonaparte’s favourite drink.
The Merlet family have been making Cognac and Liqueurs for hundreds of years. Merlet Creme De Peche is peaches mascerated in neutral grain spirit.
This great, natural-colour liqueur is a truly Italian combination of Molinari Sambuca Extra and premium Italian espresso.
From the home of Mozart, a Chocolate Liqueur company that makes some really interesting stuff.
This sweet yet not sugary liqueur is all about its main ingredient; the ruby red grapefruit.
Patron is the ultimate Tequila for the cool folks out there, coffee and sugar go fantastically with Tequila.
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This famous Pastis, an anise and liquorice flavoured liqueur created by Paul Ricard in 1932, is one of the best selling spirits in the world.
The famous Italian liqueur made with Sicilian blood oranges now in a lighter version at 27.5% abv.
This true Italian expression is made with Sicilian blood oranges picked in winter through early spring.
Is your life too sweet? Need to add some bitterness to really set off those tasty drinks you've been making?
St George
A fortified wine, infused with ginger and prunes, that has been sold since 1740.
Strawberries and cream are for many (including some of our staff members) one of the best combination in the world.
Tequila Rose
This liqueur named after Haitian revolutionary hero Toussaint L’Ouverture recalls the history of this small country by blending oak aged Caribbean rum and premium Arabica coffee, two resources that ...
A modern bitter aperitif spirit made in London from various botanicals and fruits including gentian root, orange peel, apricot, rosemary, sage and fig blended with an organic, biodynamic wine.
Victory Bitter 33.3% 70cl

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