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Lind & Lime

Lind & Lime Gin 44% 70cl

(Inc. VAT)
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Name: Lind & Lime Gin
Producer:Port of Leith Distillery
Alc Vol:44%
Listed In:Drinkmonger @ Royal Mile Whiskies | Port of Leith Distillery Gin | Fruit and Flavoured Gins | Gin | Staff Picks

Lind & Lime Gin

It was in the year 1747 that Edinburgh based Doctor James Lind discovered that citrus fruits helped to prevent scurvy. Lind and Lime gin, made in the heart of Leith, has taken inspiration from those findings and has used a healthy dose of lime when crafting this crisp, fresh spirit. There a lots of exciting developlemts happening down at the Leith at the moment and this is another feather in the cap of Edinburgh's coolest area.
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