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Leyrat XO Vielle Reserve Fin Bois Cognac 40% 70cl

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Name:Leyrat XO Vielle Reserve Fin Bois Cognac
Alc Vol:40%
Listed In:Cognac | Brandy

Leyrat XO Vielle Reserve Fin Bois Cognac

Francis AbÌøåÀå_cassis has full control of the process of Cognac production on his estate from from vineyard to bottle. Rather than being a blend of regional styles, his Cognac is exclusively Fin Bois using Ugni Blanc grapes grown on the excellent chalky soils of his land.
Official Tasting Notes Complex opening with nutty aromas, light oak and butterscotch with a hint of dried leaves. Later it evolves into more pronounced dried fruits and nuts with vanilla undertones. The houseÌøåÀå_s style of light spice comes through immediately with rich, dried fruit, vanilla and soft, buttery caramel. The oak and spirit are beautifully balanced and one is left with a slight tingle from the tannin.
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