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Leyrat VSOP Fins Bois Cognac 40% 70cl

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Name:Leyrat VSOP Fins Bois Cognac
Alc Vol:40%
Listed In:Cognac | Brandy

Leyrat VSOP Fins Bois Cognac

Fin Bois Cognacs are characterised by a fruity-floral softness, and producers such as Leyrat are raising awareness for the region as a style in its own right, rather than as a support act to Grande and Fine Champagne. Francis AbÌøåÀå_cassis takes great care in the production of his product, controling growth, harvest, distilling and blending. The grape used is Ugnic Blanc and the casks are all Limousin oak.
Official Tasting Notes Light gold with a nose of floral spice, dried hay, oak and a little touch of vanilla, pear and violets. Beautiful balance of flavour with an initial touch of vanilla and dried fruits followed by spice and oak. Finishes with good length, some richness and a little kick from the spirit.
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