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Isle of Jura

Isle of Jura
16 Year Old 40% 70cl

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ProducerWhyte and Mackay
Age16 Year Old
Bottle Size70cl
Alc. Volume40%


The Island of Jura is quite an unusual place, in that it is inhabited by a couple of hundred people, and thousands of deer. It was the place where George Orwell sought the solitude to write his masterpiece; 1984. It is also an island with a fairly unique distillery. It's oily, buttery, honeyed, fruity style marks Isle of Jura as quite different from most other malt distilleries in Scotland.
Tasting Notes
Official Tasting Notes
Nose: Malty, gristy notes, almost like walking around a distillery. With time in the glass, more almondy, raisiny, almost curry spice comes through. Bursts of parma violets and rose petals. An intriguing nose.
Palate: A sweet mouthfeel, with melons and marzipan. Bit of oakiness and more maltiness. A delicate, crisp finish.

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