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Liqueur Whiskey

Just like every other distilled spirit that has ever been made, there are several Irish whiskey liqueurs out there in the world. The character of Irish whiskey lends itself really well to the addition of ingredients like honey and fruit.


Due to the three different styles of whiskey being produced in Ireland, Irish Whiskey liqueurs can have more variation in their flavours than other liqueurs.


Whiskey liqueurs are a great introduction to whiskies if you haven't tried many before. They're also a perfect cocktail ingredient if you're looking for something to sweeten up your drink that also has a kick to it. Or if you're looking for a drink over ice is there a more recognisable serve than Irish cream liqueur?


The possibilities when creating liqueurs are limitless. From the starting point of the whiskey, to whatever else you want to add in; this a category full of innovation and ideas.


Liqueur Whiskey:

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Irish Whiskey Liqueurs have been drank in Ireland for hundreds of years. Irish Mist first appeared on the market in the late 1940's.
Irish Mist