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Independent Bottler Picks

Independent bottlers are arguably the most traditional bottlers of Scotch whisky. Harking back to the days when whisky was sold to grocers and merchants before distilleries bottled their own stocks, these companies were distinctly separate entities that acquired stocks of whisky in casks to then be bottled and sold on. Some of these independents have been bottling for decades like Adelphi, or for over a century such as Berry Bros & Rudd.

Each company will have its own bottling policies, whether bottling only single casks, small batches or their own blended whiskies. There are even some companies such as Gordon & Macphail who fill their own casks with new make spirit directly from the distillery meaning they can create a regularly bottled product.

The offerings from independent bottlers can be impressively varied and show a unique side to a distillery's product compared to an official release. There are also opportunities to try product from distilleries that have never been officially released.

Below are some of our favourite recent independent bottlings, ranging from easy drinking everyday drams to truly historic releases.


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An interesting spin on maturation here from Càrn Mòr, who have taken the high quality single malt and matured it in a mix of first-fill bourbon and rye barrels. Rye tends to have a fruity-spicy char...
Linkwood distillery has been producing consistently a high quality malt for many years, sought after by whisky blenders, and consumers alike. This fruity, balanced whisky has been aged in a bourbon ca...
Port Finish
Linkwood is typically known for its grassy, lighter character but it is always interesting to see different casks from independent bottlers. This single rejuvenated hogshead has been bottled in Alista...
A single cask Linkwood from the Thompson Bros, bottled from a refill hogshead after 12 years. This is an excellent familiar style from Linkwood, expect herbal, grassy and floral characters among pastr...
Refill Bourbon

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