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Holyrood Spiced Gin 41% 50cl

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Holyrood Spiced Gin

The good folk at Edinburgh's Holyrood Distillery have produced this spiced gin using their traditional juniper, coriander and angelica base but have then added red cherries, clementine zest and spices including nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and allspice.

NameHolyrood Spiced Gin
ProducerHolyrood Distillery
Alc Vol41%
Listed InGin Earthy, Spicy and Herbal Gins Holyrood Distillery Gin
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A bespoke gin for Edinburgh's famed cocktail bar Panda & Sons, crafted by the That Boutique-y Gin Company team in collaboration with their talented Panda bar team. Royal Mile Whiskies are delighted to...
Gin Gin Panda
An interesting take on an Old Tom style gin from the new Edinburgh distillers at Holyrood Distillery. This sweeter style gin was made using peach and vanilla initially and then floral notes crafted fr...
Adding Scottish raspberries to their Holyrood Pink Gin has doubled up the fruitiness of this liqueur. Luckily the sweetness was perfectly balanced with sun ripened lemons from Italy which also bring o...
A pink gin crafted by the distillers at Edinburgh's Holyrood Distillery.  This is their classic base combination of juniper, coriander and angelica with more spice and citrus notes added by...
Holyrood's Auld Tam Gin has sweet notes of peach, vanilla and delicate floral notes go very well with natural apricot but it is the subtle touch of ginger spiciness that make this liqueur extremely dr...
One of the most popular products we sell. Partly because of our location of course, but mainly because people cannot get enough of this nostalgic flavour combination. It tastes just like the little Rh...
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