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Herradura Blanco Tequila 40% 70cl

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Herradura Blanco Tequila

Herradura Tequila is one of most famous tequila producers in the world with its recognisable horseshoe logo (Herradura means 'horseshoe' is Spanish). Unusual for silver tequilas, Herradura Blanco was rested in American White Oak barrels for 45 days giving it a unique, robust aroma of cooked agave, vanilla and wood.

NameHerradura Blanco Tequila
AgeNo Age Statement
Alc Vol40%
Listed InAgave Tequila
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1800 Tequila is named after the first year there is a reference of Tequila being made. It is a 100% Blue Agave, made from Agave that is 8-12 years old, that is roasted in traditional masonry kilns, an...
This tequila is part of Arette's premium range, and is a sipping tequila. The fruit, floral notes and agave jump out, particularly as it is bottled at a lower strength.
Good quality needs time and people from CasAmigos know it very well, keeping their production process slow to make sure that their products taste well. The agave piñas are roasted in traditional bric...
This blanco tequila from Curado was made with 100% Blue Weber agave and after distillation was infused with locally harvested espadín agave to give it unique and interesting flavour. The striking jag...
Don Augustin tequila is made by the Camarena Brothers, the third largest owners of agave plantations in Mexico. Having that much agave puts you in a very good position to create a well crafted 100% ag...
Don Agustin
El Jimador is the Spanish name for skilled Mexican farmers who harvest agave plants. The white tequila named after them is exceptionally smooth and sweet which makes it great for cocktails.
El Jimador
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