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London Mead 5.5% 33cl

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Product Information


Bottle Size33cl
Alc. Volume5.5%


Gosnell's are very much 'at the forefront of the mead revolution'. While mead has become popular as a great cocktail ingredient, Gosnell's have targeted the beer market for their products. Unlike many meads on the market today this is a refreshing, semi-sweet sparkling mead, lower in alcohol than most and much thinner than your average mead. Appealing to fans of both mead and beer alike, there's no wonder that these guys gained an instant reputation for amazing brews.
Tasting Notes
Staff Tasting Notes
Best off drinking only slightly chilled or at room temperature. The nose combines a sweet honey backbone with floral scents of honeysuckle. This explodes on the palate into a sweetened geranium, honeysuckle and elderflower mix with a rose note in the background, all washed with light, runny honey and brightened with a gentle fizz that keeps the feel away from the usual thick and sticky sensation of most meads. The sweetness is offset with citrus hints and a touch of a beeswax feel that reaches the teeth and cheeks. A wonderfully moreish and light floral-honey lingers across the finish.

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