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Goslings Dark n' Stormy RTD 4.5% 12x250ml

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Goslings Dark n' Stormy RTD 12x250ml

Goslings rum actually have the trademark on that old favourite of the cocktail world, the rum and ginger beer. These handy cans are not just the lazy person's option, they reduce the chance of having that half drunk, flat bottle of ginger beer in the fridge and the cans chill quickly.

NameGoslings Dark n' Stormy RTD 12x250ml
Alc Vol4.5%
Listed InDrinkmonger @ Royal Mile Whiskies
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Gosling's Black Seal Rum but with an extra kick, bottled at 75.5% abv or 151 proof, this is a perfect addition to cocktails, as the higher strength will carry through more flavours.
Created by the Gosling Family two hundred years ago, the Gosling's Black Seal Bermuda Rum has become world famous. This is now a blend of pot and column still rums sourced from all over the Caribbean ...
A Day of Dark Barley is Balvenie's third Story in their new range. It follows the story of Malt Master David Stewart who in 1992 combined dark, brittle roasted barley with traditional barley to create...
A new blended dark rum honouring a history of two industries, specifically the shipbuilding on the river Clyde in Glasgow and the Rum trade of the West Indies. Penned as a Scottish Creation, this rum ...
Scotland's first rum distillery, producing heavily spiced rum, using bespoke equipment and the finest molasses. We are very excited to get this. It has lots of peppercorn notes, chilli, BBQ sauce, and...
Dark Matter
A blend of rums from Trinidad; Plantation Original Dark is a perfect for a rum and coke, or for a richer rum cocktail.
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