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Glen Scotia

Glen Scotia 2006 Single Cask Royal Mile Whiskies Exclusive 56.5% 70cl

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Name:Glen Scotia 2006 Single Cask Royal Mile Whiskies Exclusive
Producer:Loch Lomond Distillers
Age:10 Year Old
Alc Vol:56.5%
Cask Type:Bourbon
Listed In:RMW Exclusives | Glen Scotia Whisky | Single Malt Whisky | Campbeltown Whisky | Scotch Whisky

Glen Scotia 2006 Single Cask Royal Mile Whiskies Exclusive

Limited to 234 bottles, this single cask has come all the way down the long road from Campbeltown. We've been very impressed with the new whiskies coming out of Glen Scotia and we're so happy to have snared an exclusive single cask just for ourselves (we think it is the first they have done for a retailer in the UK). This is a really idiosyncratic dram that keeps changing in the glass and Mark our Edinburgh shop manager summed it up well: 'A curious, complex and every so slightly capricious malt that kept me guessing as it evolved in the glass. I felt like I was chasing it down the rabbit hole. Great fun!'
Tasting Notes
Few whiskies have produced such divergent tasting notes from our staff, so we're posting a few comments from individuals. 'It is a funky kind of dram, reminiscent of a warm day by the seaside with notes of hot sand, melted vanilla ice cream and a little seaweed' 'An elusive woodiness I couldn't place, like a forest resin. Fruit and citrus, and a sweet body. Ever-changing and a tiny bit wacky'
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The Glen Scotia 25 year old has been created to honour the legacy of the Campbeltown region.
Glen Scotia
The oldest official bottling of Glen Scotia, this whisky was distilled on 23rd December 1973 and filled into refill bourbon casks where it stayed for over three decades until a re-casking into first-f ...
Glen Scotia
After an initial maturation in bourbon casks, the whisky is transferred to Spanish Pedro Ximinez casks for a second period of maturation.
Glen Scotia
If any distillery has launched themselves to the front of whisky drinker's cabinets in the past year or so it's Glen Scotia.
Glen Scotia
Glen Scotia is at the heart of, what we hope, is the start of a great revival in the whisky making region of Campbeltown.
Glen Scotia
We like this whisky, and respect the way Loch Lomond Distillers have ignored the nay-sayers and put together a great non-age statement whisky mixing together casks that you genuinely believe are caref ...
Glen Scotia