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East London Liquor Company

East London Liquor Company Demerara Rum Navy Strength 57% 70cl

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Producer:East London Liquor Co.
Bottle Size:70cl
Alc. Volume:57%
Listed In:East London Liquor Co | Column and Pot Still Rum | Rum

East London Liquor Company Demerara Rum Navy Strength

The East London Liquor Company have imported this delicious dark rum from Georgetown, Guyana. It was created in the world's last surviving two-column wooden still. It was then matured in ex-bourbon barrels for at least three years delivering a big spicy, vanilla led rum. The navy strength means it will hold up well in your favourite daiquiri or mai tai.

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Imported rum from Guyana, produced from Demerara sugar molasses and distilled in one of the last surviving wooden column stills in the world.
East London Liquor Company
When Plymouth began selling to the British Navy in 1793, the Navy would test the spirit with gunpowder to make sure that it was strong enough.
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