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Reposado Tequila Buffalo Trace Cask 40% 75cl

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Bottle Size75cl
Alc. Volume40%


A unique experiment between a top quality tequila producer and a top quality bourbon producer created a wonderful range of tequilas in 2013. It went down so well that Corazon refined the process a little further and crafted a trio of tequilas, again in collaboration with Buffalo Trace, by specially harvesting low sugar and high sugar agave hearts and combining these in ex-whiskey casks for maturation. This Buffalo Trace cask edition in this series is a Reposado, or 'rested', tequila. It has no length of time stated, though the previous version was matured for 10.5 months in ex Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels. The casks add a sweet marshmallow and vanilla quality which develops into the main herbal, earthy backing of the agave.

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