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Chairmans Reserve

Chairmans Reserve 2011 Lucky Liquor Exclusive 46% 70cl

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Chairmans Reserve 2011 Lucky Liquor Exclusive

An exclusive single cask bottling of Chairman's Reserve Rum. We assisted in the selection of this cask along with our pals at Lucky Liquor, a brilliant bar in Edinburgh. We decided that this 50:50 blend of column still and double retort pot still (John Dore 1) rum was a great example of a punchy, fruity style that could equally hold up in a drink but also be delicious sipped neat. The rum was distilled in 2011 and matured in an ex-bourbon cask for 8 years in St Lucia. It is currently being used in Lucky's 27th menu which features 13 drinks from 13 bottles for 13 weeks. Only 317 bottles were produced.

Staff Tasting Notes

Nose: Dried pineapple chunks along with oranges, mangoes and unripe bananas.

Palate: Salted limes, vegetal and some subtle herbs.

Finish: Custard creams, raisins before the tropical notes continue.

NameChairmans Reserve 2011 Lucky Liquor Exclusive
ProducerSt Lucia Distillers Ltd.
BrandChairmans Reserve
Age8 Year Old
Cask TypeBourbon
Alc Vol46%
CountrySt Lucia
AddedTue 4th February, 2020
Listed InLimited Edition Staff Picks Rum Column & Pot Still Rum RMW Exclusives Chairmans Reserve Free UK Delivery Drinkmonger @ Royal Mile Whiskies
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This Chairman's Reserve rum from St. Lucia is a blend of rum distilled in both copper pot stills and coffey stills and matured in American white oak barrels for between three and four years. It has then been fi...
Chairmans Reserve
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Chairmans Reserve
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Chairmans Reserve
A high quality St Lucia rum infused with spices and fruits including cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, vanilla, coconut, all spice, lemon and orange. We think it is very good quality particularly for the price.
Chairmans Reserve
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