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Chairmans Reserve

Chairmans Reserve 2006 Vendome RMW Exclusive 56% 70cl

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Producer:St Lucia Distillers Ltd.
Age:13 Year Old
Bottle Size:70cl
Alc. Volume:56%
Cask Type:Bourbon
Country:St Lucia
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Chairmans Reserve 2006 Vendome RMW Exclusive

A single cask of Chairman's Reserve bottled exclusively for Royal Mile Whiskies. This rum was distilled at the St Lucia Distillery in a Vendome pot still and filled into a cask in 2006. Vendome is a particular manufacturer of pot stills, and the one at St Lucia has been in operation since 2003, interestingly it combines a rectifying column on top of the pot. The rum itself was matured in an ex-bourbon cask for 13 years and hugely impressed our tasting team with its balance of heavy, herbally notes along with fruits and treacle. This has been both aged and bottled in St Lucia and is limited to 286 bottles.

Staff Tasting Notes
Mashed herbs such as mint along with citrus, dark berries and a touch of liquorice. Fireworks, burnt wood and banana skins.
Spices, a heavy texture with blood oranges, peaches, apricots and treacle.
Long, creamy and gingery, dark chocolate and rocket leaves. Forest-floor damp wood suggesting some background funk.

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The 1931 Rum from St Lucia Distillers pays homage to Denis Barnard who established the distillery in 1931.
St Lucia Distillers
This Chairman's Reserve rum from St. Lucia is a blend of rum distilled in both copper pot stills and coffey stills and matured in American white oak barrels for between three and four years.
Chairmans Reserve
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Chairmans Reserve
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Chairmans Reserve