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1992 Black Art 5 48.4% 70cl

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Age24 Year Old
Bottle Size70cl
Alc. Volume48.4%


The latest release of Bruichladdich famed Black Art release; and the first from new Head Distiller Adam Hannett. As always the exact casks used have been kept a closely guarded secret, however, it is full of sweet jam, fresh cake and rum soaked raisin and we can't recommend it enough!
Tasting Notes
Official Tasting Notes
Nose: It takes time to decipher the full array of sensory magic on offer. As the warmth of your hand heats the glass you will tease the threads apart to find lavish fruit notes of cherry, mango, apricot, damson and a warming orange citrus all swathed in an oak blanket of soft brown sugar, vanilla and figs dipped in syrup. Each time you go back to the glass there will be different notes coming to the fore as the constant evolution of flavour hints at the depth and secret complexity of this dram.
Palate: There is a grace with which the whisky gently settles on your palate; a black velvet quality that comes from the age of the spirit, with the pedigree of casks coming together to give you a mouthfeel that is unlike anything else. The influence of great wood is decadently expressed through the never-ending release of fruit. On the nose, you find damson, mango, pineapple, melon strawberry, plum and apricot. One after the other they weave in and out of focus on your palate while the structure of the oak gives honey, tobacco, vanilla and hints of spicy cinnamon. as elegant and refined a dram as you will find.
Finish: The true DNA of Bruichladdich spirit shines through on the finish. Light stone fruits and a cream texture are a delight with a perfect balance of oak, malt and fruit. As the flavours begin to fade a gentle floral mellowness settles to leave a lasting impression.

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