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Pomace Brandy

Pomace Brandy:

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One of the oldest grappa distilleries in Italy, Nardini produce this grappa using grape pomace from Veneto and Friuli, that is double distilled in copper pot stills.
This release of Grappa Bianca was bottled at lower strength than its classic 50% edition for soft and more approachable character.
Grappa is distilled pomace (or marc), which is the skins, pulp, seeds and stems surplus to winemaking.
The Briottet family began business in 1836 as wine traders, but they soon discovered that their aperitifs and digestifs were becoming a very important part of their business, and slowly changed to jus ...
Marc brandy is produced in a similar way to grappa, except marc brandy is produced in France.
Jean Goyard
Marc brandy is distilled grape residue from the production of wine. In this case, it is distilled from the grape residue of Alsace' finest gewurtztraminer.
Released to celebrate 225 years of Nardini grappa production, this 15 year old is aged for a remarkably long time for grappa, and it starts to show off intriguing chocolate and tobacco notes.
Made from selected, fresh grape pomace from the Veneto and Friuli, Nardini Riserva was aged for five years in Slavonian oak barrels.