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  • Whisky Artefacts #7 - Aberdeen Distillery on Fire, September 27th 1904

    News of a distillery on fire captures the attention, in a twisted kind of way. Imagining the sounds of buckling metal and exploding casks, or the smells of 700,000 gallons of burning whisky tends to bring out the rubbernecker in all of us. This seems to be the case when North of Scotland Distillery in Aberdeen went up in flames, and there seems to have been money in it.

  • Whisky Artefacts #1 - Matchbooks

    As well as old bottles of whisky, we have a particular love and affection for objects and documents from the whisky industry's past, so we are going to share these with you in a new series. We are not historians so will limit our analysis and conjecture, but hope that the dusty ephemera we choose delights or at least intrigues you.

    Let's start small, with matchbooks, which were an imp

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