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  • Whisky Artefacts #5 - Linlithgow Still from 1797, With a Secret

    This still was in the ownership of Mr William Glen of Mains, Linlithgow with a licensed capacity of 52 gallons (roughly 236 litres).

  • Whisky Artefacts #4 - Record Shipments to Canada, April 1914

    The postcard below is full of the confidence of a business flushed with success. Carts loaded with whisky stretch the length of Waterloo St, lined up in front of the company offices of the Glasgow blenders Wright and Greig Ltd. Producers of Roderick Dhu blend, they also owned Dallas Dhu distillery at this time, and had even added the word ‘Dhu’ to the distillery name to link it to their f

  • Whisky Artefacts #3 – Clynelish (Brora) Newspaper Ads, 19th & Early 20th Century

    The distillery we now know as Brora was originally named Clynelish, so it is easy to confuse it with the modern distillery of the same name (more info here). Newspaper adverts give a fascinating insight to the past exportation of whisky, built on the framework of shipping established by the Brit

  • Whisky Artefacts #2 – New Zealand Truth Newspaper Article, April 20th 1907

    The ‘What is Whisky?’ debate of the late 19th and early 20th Century was a public and legal dispute seen as a watershed moment on the journey to the modern definition of whisky. The discussion was varied, at times heated, and the path to setting the terms of whisky as we know it was not a foregone conclusion. Some of the topics debated in court, newspapers and medical journals were:

  • Whisky Artefacts #1 - Matchbooks

    As well as old bottles of whisky, we have a particular love and affection for objects and documents from the whisky industry's past, so we are going to share these with you in a new series. We are not historians so will limit our analysis and conjecture, but hope that the dusty ephemera we choose delights or at least intrigues you.

    Let's start small, with matchbooks, which were an imp

  • Haggis and Whisky Matching

    Is there a more misunderstood food than the noble haggis? A simple food born from frugality that made sure nothing went to waste. These days it’s seen more as something to have on a special occasion here in Scotland, most notably on Burn’s night. It was with that in mind we set out on a simple mission – to find out what you should drink with your haggis.



  • How We Sell Allocated Products

    The rise of the values of certain limited edition whiskies on auction sites in the immediate months after release has in recent years been steep, so we feel it is now appropriate to clarify how we sell products that are allocated to us by our suppliers. We hope our customers see this as fair-minded and supportive of collectors and drinkers alike.

    How it works<

  • The Ileach Mystery

    If you are a whisky fan you have probably had a friend approach you in a pub with a mystery dram and say 'What distillery is that? Eh? You're supposed to be an expert!'  If you work in the whisky trade it has probably happened many times, and you have probably been hopelessly wrong on your distillery guess enough times to make you dread the next person doing it.  We have a very specific case

  • We don't do everything

    One of the first retailers to sell whisky online, this is the third version of www.royalmilewhiskies.com. The last time we upgraded our website Facebook had only just been invented, so we are grateful to all those who struggled on with version 2.0, which was something of an antique. The old website clunk

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